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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What Does Dominique Want? I Gave Up!

When I took food to Dominique today, she was beside herself, talking, walking around, just acting unlike her quiet self. I emptied a plastic bag of chicken scraps that exbf brought to me. There were two tomatoes that I did not eat in my feverish funk I have been suffering. The ends of the squash and zucchini should have tempted her. Peach pits with plenty of fruit left, a piece of the banana and a peel, plus oats were her lunch.

Did she start eating? No. You would think someone else had fed her. I went back to the side door where exbf had managed to get off the porch while I had fed her and came back. As I passed him, we both sort of hesitated. He said, "I thought Dominique was right behind me." I thought there was a hen in another yard. This new and loud personality is fun and different even though I am still confused.

Then, I remembered I had not checked her water. She must be dry and need water. You should hear the squawking when she is out of water and I show up. Soooo, I walked all the way back to her. She was up on the table running from the back to front of her Rubbermaid bins where she sleeps and lays eggs. And, NO, the water was full or next to it. However, I filled the moat again.

As we got to the front of the house, exactly opposite from her pen, we could still hear her.  Silly girl!

At this point I was giving up and going to the doctor. After we went out in the morning to do some chores of mine, using his car with ac, I fixed hotdogs and slaw. I just had to lie down and he could not rouse me for almost 4 hours. His dinner: salad greens, grape tomatoes, zucchini, squash and leftover chicken on top, plus dressing. Then, he took me to doctor. AC is nice, more than nice.

Since walking pneumonia is going around, they thought that was my problem. No, tests results showed I did not. Since the spelling bee is coming up, I cannot endure the drive and still spell. Hopefully, this antibiotic will revive me.

As I came out of WM with my prescription, I noticed a plastic bag on the top of my car. Once again, my friend left me with about 3 inches of coupon inserts. And, I found a penny on the ground.

Your turn
Has one of your hens or pets had a drastic personality change for no reason? Yay for coupon inserts! Does anyone share stacks of those with you? Do you suffer and become ill driving without ac?


  1. I don't suffer and become ill while driving with no ac but the people in the car with me suffer 'cause I bitch about the heat. Then they get sick of me

    1. Anne,
      LOL...there is that too. My allergies cannot stand all that comes in the windows for me to breathe. It is not just the heat. But, I hate to sweat and then itch from the sweat on my skin.

  2. I hope that you are better soon. And that was awesome that your friend left you coupons!!!!

    1. Sonya,
      Thanks. So far, I am worse, but the antibiotics have not kicked in. I need to go through the coupons now.


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