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Thursday, July 21, 2016

More TMI

It gets better. Finally, I remembered to ask the nurse something today. I was almost 70 before I knew what caused the "Big O."  I thought it was contractions of the uterus. No, it is not! It is the contractions of the pelvic floor. Since I had my hysterectomy, I have been told the pelvic floor is weakened with the removal of all female organs--ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus.

Since incontinence was/is a problem and I really did not want anything sagging inside, I surmised that maybe "O" might keep the muscle that is the pelvic floor strong. The nurse smiled a huge smile when I asked if "O" would keep the pelvic floor, a muscle, strong. she said it's the  best kegel exercise ever.

Since the "O" can be had several ways, I leave it up to you to decide how you want to achieve it.

Yes, this is embarrassing for me. But. we need to do this Knowledge is power.

Oh yes, I asked if the tibial nerve stimulation helped men, too. Nurse said "yes".

Your turn
Are you scandalized by the frankness of this post? Sorry. I just know this will help someone.


  1. Replies
    1. kylie,
      Amused? How so? Well, I am glad to provide you with a smile or laugh.

    2. I dont even know why it's amusing!
      Maybe because I couldn't be scandalised about it if I tried, maybe because we expect the gaining of health to be uncomfortable and difficult, maybe just because I can imagine women the world over telling their partners to get it right for the sake of their pelvic floors.......

    3. kylie,
      Yes, I can see "for the sake of their pelvic floors." That is funny. I told exbf I needed his help. He laughed!

  2. I went to medical school.
    I wasn't scandalized but wanted to fill in the rest of the GYN history.

    1. Ur-spo,
      Well, I would not be scandalized, either. It is sort of embarrassing to reveal so much. Do you have anything else you can add? I think the things I discovered with frank questions are facts a person needs to know much sooner.


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