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Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Rest

Last year, around January 2015, I had water from the laundry room floor that I could see only when I went into the basement and then thought the washer was leaking. Nope. I kept going to the basement to see exactly where the leak was coming from. Finally, I had a friend come and look over the washer. It was the connection on the water pipe! That was repaired. Soon, I still had a leak showing in the basement.

Only when it was enough to flood the laundry room did I realize it was the washer. It took months to get a new one, the one I finally got taken away Thursday.

Saturday was my first use. It seems fine, gives me plenty of water, and makes me happy. Now, the only thing left to do is to get the kitchen table moved back into place and put the ironing board behind the door. I cannot do either. The ironing board I might lift, but why make my back hurt for days when I can get my neighbor-friend to do it when he moves the kitchen table back into place.

There is plenty of room to walk into the laundry room and always has been, but the table always had to be moved for washer and dryer removal and delivery. So, when The Rest is done, things will be back to normal.

Did you ever have things out of place for so long that you wanted to scream? Remember the final relief? I am just about there.


  1. Sigh. It has been a very long time coming for you. I am glad that it is nearly here.

    1. EC,
      Thanks. Me too. I won't know what to do with everything back in its place.

  2. A sense of order is a good feeling.

    1. Soon, order or something close will prevail.

  3. I hate when things are out of place. I can't seem to rest.
    I hope the new washer works out for you!

  4. Sonya Ann,
    It seems my whole house has things out of place, but getting the laundry room restored means I can get the kitchen restored. Not only can I not rest, I cannot move or find things. So far, so good on the washer.


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