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Monday, July 11, 2016

Gross Smells

If you are squeamish or eating, read this at your own peril.


Remember the rotten watermelon? Well, I decided my neighbor was not going to be able to help me, and I wanted it out of my house. So, I put the kitchen garbage can on a short stool and tried to roll the watermelon into it. I forgot the tray full of juice would flip. So, the whole kitchen had rotten watermelon juice all over it. I walked gingerly past the garbage can to leave the kitchen. As I walked back in, I could see I had walked through a three foot pool of rotten watermelon juice. GAH!

Since I cannot bend to wipe it up, I threw dry dish towels down and dried some of it with my feet. Then, I threw wet dish towels down and tried to get more up. The stool was soaked on all four sides. How did that happen? Plus, there was a box of stuff that had juice all over it and under it. At some point, I wanted to throw out everything in the kitchen. It took two days to get the trash can out of the house.

Yesterday, I was worried the kitchen was stinking worse. I looked all over for a rotten potato. It was that gross. I walked into the kitchen and saw two eggs on the dehydrator. One had a green, gross blob hanging out. I put it in a plastic grocery bag for a speedy removal. When I picked up the second egg, the green ooze from the first had it stuck to the dehydrator. There was a gross smelling and looking pea green liquid that poured out. It was going to run down the front of the dehydrator so I snatched the door from the dehydrator and ran gagging from the room. The tears in my eyes blinded me.

Before I ran I saw the green, gross ooze was running into a little channel and on the front. It ran no further, but I had to clean it. It soaked through the paper towels and made my hands stink. When I moved a box of 120 snack bags to clean the top, I noticed the green ooze was soaked into the box. Thankfully, I managed to rescue most of the bags and tossed the box.

Even lots of baking soda did not make the stench less. Vinegar in a bowl has been there for a day. I think I need to rewash the top and front of the dehydrator. I placed that nasty bag with two rotten eggs on the porch in the kitchen trash that had rotten watermelon. So, for two days, flies have bred on the porch.

The towels may be the last of the stench and will make a trip to the laundry instead of going into a quart of water in this new washer that is going back! I had to wash my hands three times before the stench disappeared. That green egg hangs on.

Thankfully, Tony took the putrid garbage off the porch when he came to replace the side porch light bulb/lamp. Oops, if I don't get the old bulb into the trash, I will have to clean up broken glass. .

A friend had me scramble eggs for her. When I broke the egg and emptied the shell, the stench overcame me. I threw up the chocolate milk I just bought and drank. She had the eggs for about six months...GAH!

Your turn
Do you feel as queasy as I do? Lost your appetite? Have you ever smelled a green, rotten egg? Tell me a yucky story.


  1. I don't remember smelling a rotten egg. But I do agree that a rotten porato smells like a dead body. I have so many smelly stories it is hard to pick, mostly from mold. I have taken to writing on the front of my fridge with a dry erase marker to remind myself what is in there. Looks real stylish. I do think your story wins the prize.

    1. carol,
      Once, I had a smell accompanied by flies, many flies. I bent to look in the file cabinet which is behind two doors in the kitchen that fold against each other, sort of in the corner. As I bent I was so disgusted by the smell. Right by the file cabinet near the front was a mesh bag in a plastic bag. In the mesh bag were three potatoes. I took that dead body outdoors to garbage can and the rest of the flies were easy to get rid of since no more were hatching. The whole ordeal lasted over two weeks, so I was greatly relieved to find the offenders.

      Stylish or not, if it works, it works. You don't want to smell a rotten egg!


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