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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Two Projects Down, One the Hard Way

Wednesday night, I barely got a few things moved in order for the delivery guys to get through to the laundry room.

Thursday, The guys were great and removed the washing machine with just a bit of problem from one box in the way. My friend, Fred, was here to make sure things went smoothly. They even cheerfully moved two Rubbermaid bins, huge ones, out of the laundry room.

Friday, one guy was petulant and said he was not moving the machine into the house. He refused to leave it here, even in the yard! I raced down to the store and he was showing his manager how he would have to carry it. He had his hands above his head as though he would have to lift the washing machine that high.

When he came out of the office, I called him a liar. The manager came out and heard me fussing at the guy for telling an untruth. I told the manager that the delivery guy was a liar, that waist high was all he would have to lift the machine with the help of the other guy. He said he was giving me my money back. I told him he was going to delivery it right now. So, he argued that he would tell the district manager this afternoon. Yeah, I bet that would go over well.

Once again, I told him to deliver it now. He refused. So, I told him to leave it in the yard and I could find men to do the job. The manager said he would come himself and see what was here. He brought a different helper. Before we left the store, I reminded that I told him to send guys willing and capable of lifting the machine waist high.

He came here and looked and brought the machine inside, hooked it up and left. He was in a snit, but did the job.

Having the presence of Fred here would have helped if I had trouble. Having exbf here helped not one bit. He did not open his mouth as I was berated. However, when the manager came here, he saw the great difficulty exbf has getting out of his vehicle and offered to help him.

What kind of trouble have I had with delivery people? Just one example: I told guys not to hit an antique table. He though I did not see him as he later shoved the table, making it unstable. Another guy threw tools on the dryer. he did not like it at all when I asked him not to abuse the dryer top. Another let sharp tools he was carrying snag an upholstered chair. Okay, this was more than one example.

Now, I just make sure I have a p***s in the house. That way, I don't have as much problems with destructive delivery guys and a$$holes who argue with me.

Soon afterward, Jose came by and brought me a basket of huge, juicy peaches. He also moved back the two huge Rubbermaid bins back into the laundry room. I ate four peaches.

I managed to squeeze out time to go to the doctor. While I was talking to the doctor, I got six calls. The phone was on vibrate. A guy was calling me about putting new lights in the rear of my car. He will have new rear lights gotten from a junkyard, the whole thing that holds the lights.

I had backed into a truck because when I looked, the grey truck was invisible against distant trees as the evening sun shone in my eyes. Someone else backed into the other side and broke the lens. I have been driving for over 50 years and have only backed into two trucks and had two people back into me in the last two years....that's four times. One time, I backed into a huge trailer hitch!

The guy came by and put the red stuff, tape of clear red tape over the lens, changed the bulbs which I already had and sort of made me whole again. At least, I won't get a ticket. He is just a guy who volunteered to help me as I was muddling around in the store trying to figure out what to do. Nice guy. I asked him who he would recommend, and he said he would do it for whatever I wanted to pay him.

When I get up on Saturday, I can wash a whole load of clothes, not just a puny load as this one will fill the water high, not just a few inches in the bottom.

Monday, I will tackle the mattress exchange. sigh

Your turn
Do delivery people ever seem destructive and careless when delivering things?


  1. I would never have expected washer delivery people to lift a heavy washer waist high. Did they have to lift it over stuff?

    1. Jane,
      I told the stores what had to be done. I apologized to the guys who picked up the dryer. They said they did stuff like this all the time. When I tell them up front how high it has to be lifted and the salesman takes my money and assures it can be done, yes I do expect them to do so. The guys assured me a washer was NOT that heavy.

    2. Well, if they knew in advance it shouldn't have been a problem.

    3. The salesperson knew. The manager knew and the person who schedules deliveries knew. So, it was shocking when the guy refused. He was very short and out of shape and the helper was even shorter. He had a "short man" complex so he had to show who was boss. His manager soon knew he lied about how high he had to lift the washer.


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