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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Peanuts and Pain

Today was the Summer Kids Series at the movie. Exbf was here so paid my way in once again. Since he did not want popcorn, I ate most of his, too.

I really don't know the name of the Peanuts movie except it was  Snoopy and Charlie Brown and the gang. It was hilarious. Mostly, it reminded me of my son, the oldest child, now 48. He loved Snoopy, LOVED Snoopy. You know how children can be so passionate. He was.

Between Matchbox Cars (any brand of tiny cars), Snoopy, and his Big Wheel, he was one happy child. Today was just a little bit nostalgic for me as I watched the Peanuts movie. He slept with a stuffed Snoopy dog until he was twelve. He wore the wheels off three Big Wheels!

This was the largest crowd so far for one of these movies. The kids attending were amazingly well-behaved. As I sat down, there was a little girl about eight-years-old, sitting behind where I was going to sit and another behind exbf. I said to them, "You're not going to kick the back of my seat, are you?" The little girl behind me said, "I never do that, but she does." The little girl behind exbf said, "No, I don't." Much giggling ensued.

"Well, if you do I will give you the Evil Eye."

The first little girl said, "Oh, my grandmother gives me the Evil Eye all the time!"

"I am old enough to be your grandmother." I was smiling and teasing during the whole exchange. She only bumped my chair once. I slowly turned my head to one side but did not face her. They had been wiggling, just being children. But, for about five minutes, there was not a sound of movement.

My arm kept me up all night. I already have to adjust my body to keep back and both knees from hurting. Add in an arm that hurt. Last might, I was awake and up all night without a minute of sleep. I forgot I had cloth tape. I put an antibiotic on the gash and used four Bandaids to hold on a 4x4 gauze square. I do have cloth tape!

This afternoon, after I made bbq chicken sandwiches, I took a three-hour nap.  We had salad with chicken and cheese on it for dinner and cherries afterwards.

One day this month, I asked him if he minded when I gave him a salad every time he came. "Not at all. I like it since I don't have salads very often." Whew! My kind of It's too hot to cook. There is enough chicken here from the last cooking session to last me another week.

Since the weather is in the low 80s today instead of high 90s, I may bake brownies. Since it is rainy, I may have to use the dryer. More electric use=higher electric bill. GAH!

Your turn
Does it turn you misty-eyed or tug at your heart when you see things that gave your child such joy? What gave your child joy?


  1. Matchbox cars and Richard Scarry books and then naming EVERYTHING in sight- very amusing when out in public.

    This just in - so far this July is the hottest on record. Did we really need some expert to tell us that? Just look at our electric usage, we've been running the AC at 78 instead of 80 and every fan in whatever room we're in, ceiling and floor fans. We even run the ceiling fans in the lanai when we sit out there in the shade in the early morning and evening. Thank goodness we're on a payment plan that averages the monthly bill so it's never more than $5 different month-to-month altho it may be higher next year.

    1. Tom,
      My son told me his son LOVES Matchbox cars. It runs in the male genes, I think.

      It is hot for sure and no need for an expert. But, they confirm what we feel. Fans are good here in the South. Fans outdoors not only cool, but keep the mosquitoes away. The payment plan seems a good way to budget.


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