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Friday, July 1, 2016

Thursday Cheap Movie and Produce

Thursday, I thought I was going to see Saving Dory. There were all these dragons flying around, so I was confused as to when the action was going under the ocean. Finally, I asked exbf what we were watching. Well, it turned out the movie was How to Train Your Dragon. He enjoyed the movie more than I did, but I don't regret seeing it.

The movie, popcorn, and coke for two came to $9.74, not bad for so much popcorn and refillable Cokes. He has never paid so little for us to see a movie. The movie was at 10 am, so even after popcorn and three Cokes, it was lunchtime and I was hungry, so hungry. I bought a loaf of bread and we had pbj sandwiches, cherries and grapes when we arrived home. We drank water.

Today was my weekly doctor appointment. Before I went, I stopped by the Farmer's Market. The guy where I was shopping had his $4 baskets of produce for $1. It was almost the end of the day. I bought $20 worth of produce for $5. A $1 cup of fresh lemonade topped it all off.

Since I had to rush now to get to my appointment, the 20 lbs of produce had to go into the doctor's office so the heat in the car would not ruin it. I carried canvas bags into the waiting room and transferred the produce from the plastic bags. It just ruins produce to carry it around in plastic.

For dinner we had new potatoes from Saturday, yellow squash, and zucchini, all fresh from the market today. Plus, there was a portion of chicken breast from last Friday. He had two peaches for dinner.

Now, I need to wash and dehydrate the zucchini and squash, plus the Vidalia onions I bought last week.  The humidity is very low, so this is ideal.

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Your turn
Do you buy produce from a local vendor? Has anyone checked with Carmike online and found and attended these specially priced movies? What is your favorite summer produce? Do you ever find good deals at the end of the day at the market when farmers do not want to take all the unsold produce home?


  1. You cant beat a cheap movie with corn and a coke! Well except for 20 bucks of produce for 5!

  2. I loved How to Train Your Dragon. Plus the young girl character looks just like my granddaughter. That is a great deal on produce. You should be set for a while.

    1. carol,
      He told me I saw 2 not the original. I am enjoying the produce!


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