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Friday, July 8, 2016

A Sick Watermelon

A watermelon seemed like a good idea on the 4th of July. When I found a good sale on watermelons, I price-matched it at Walmart. One of the managers put it in my electric cart and then walked to the car with me and placed it on the front seat.

On the way home it hit me. I cannot get it into the house. What was I thinking of? I called my neighbor around the block and he came over and brought it in.

He remarked that "this watermelon is leaking."  I could see the leak. Since I have never seen a whole watermelon leak, I was concerned. Then, he continued, "When I picked it up, it started hissing? And, it started squirting juice."

Good grief! What did I have on my hands. I had him put it on a small table in my kitchen on which I first put newspapers and a hand towel. He placed the leaky place upward. Later, I came in and found the watermelon was leaking on everything, soaking other things on the table and running off the table. !!! At that point, I tried to dam up the leak on the table.

When I called him to come over, he did almost immediately. He picked up the watermelon while I tried to clean under it. I placed a large baking pan under the water melon to contain the leak. As he was going to pick it up by both ends, he made a disgusted sound and showed me.


One whole end, half the watermelon, was soft like a basketball without enough air. It was disgusting and creepy. He picks up dead animals for me with less disgust than he showed picking up the watermelon. Of course, he used both hands on the sides of the other end.

I called WM and talked the manager who helped me. He said he had never heard of anything like that, to come back and he would replace it or give my money back. I suppose I will try another.

Today, no matter how ill I am or how weak I feel, I have to get that thing out of here. It stinks. After two days, it stinks. The good end will be cut off to see if it is good enough for Dominique. The rest I will roll into the lined trash can in the kitchen and try to get it out the back door.

Right now, it is about 5:30 am and I need to get to WM while I can get a close parking place and so many people won't see me. I need to get "sick supplies."

Your turn
Disgusting? Have you ever seen a watermelon behave this way, hissing and deflating?


  1. I'm sorry your not well Linda. I have had a cantaloupe deflate on slicing into it-rotted form the inside.

    1. SAM,
      Thanks. Ugh, that's gross. At least I didn't cut into the watermelon. I am afraid it might still explode.

  2. Urk. I doubt that it will explode. If it had continued to rot from within without the 'leak hole' it might have, but you should be safe now.

  3. EC,
    I keep going back and forth on that thought. It is so stinky disgusting and flies are making sport of the problem. Gotta get it out of here.

  4. I had a watermelon once that was leaking. I cut into t, it was rotten. I tossed it into the compost.

    1. Michelle,
      I thought I could save one end to eat. Then, I thought I could save that end for Dominique. Tonight, I destroyed my kitchen with splashing and spewing watermelon as I tried to roll it off the table into a lined box. The mess was/is horrendous.

  5. I recall my grandmother cautioning us not to buy watermelon before the 4 of July. Maybe this was the reason.

    1. Ur-po,
      That's interesting. I have never heard that. But, I will keep it in mine. I actually bought it on the 4th or 5th. I had been picked for a long time.


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