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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Still I wait...about nothing in particular, just lots of stuff

This morning, I had a wrecker on the way as soon as they opened. They hauled it off on a rollback. I really like my car riding instead of having it towed with wheels on the ground. At least now  the car is with a mechanic.

I have a long list of places I need to go--CVS, WM, local pharmacy, PO, Lowe's, local business for a payment due, doctor appointment.

I don't have milk or bananas. That is a catastrophe. If I had known my car would not start after the Sunday repair, I would have chosen to do all the above instead of seeing Star Wars.

Even though the temperatures are below freezing, I turn off the heat at night and never get cold while in bed.

Somehow, my gloves were all scattered last year and never put back where they go. It is definitely glove weather, so I need to find all of them. Otherwise, my hands will suffer! I still cannot figure how they were scattered so since I have a little red gift bag from a business where they all lived inside a drawer. Maybe glove fairies played with them.

This morning, I emptied dried blackeyed peas into canning jars to store them. Now, I am beginning the task of rotating them into and out of the tiny refrigerator's freezer compartment. That way, bug eggs will be killed in the freezer and my food will be protected.

Since the temperature is above freezing, maybe I will hang out clothes. Maybe that is just too cold. I knew a woman long ago who had arthritis in her hands and could barely move her fingers. Her hands and fingers caused her pain year round. She said it was because she had to hang clothes all winter long and the frigid water and frigid clothing she hung on the line caused arthritis. I don't know. Is this true?

I have never been diagnosed with arthritis. However, at almost 70-years-old, I am told by friends my age I probably do have some arthritis, that everyone has arthritis when older. Is that true?

Since the low water pressure to the dishwasher causes it not to clean well, I have started using the "pots and pans" cycle. I can hear the dishwasher and it washes for much long on this cycle. Usually, it is pretty quiet while it runs. Well, even on this noisier cycle, I can still be in the kitchen and carry on a conversation.

Here I sit--anxious. Jose said he would take me around today. But, no, he went back home to have someone work on his car since his truck uses too much gas.....grrr. I understand but will give him gas money to drive me now in the truck. Exbf never says he will come and does not!

While I wait, I can curl my hair, load the dishwasher, and feed the chickens. I just want my car or a ride!

Your turn
Does keeping hands cold and damp in the winter cause arthritis in fingers and hands? Do you freeze beans for a few days to kill eggs before you store them on a shelf? Do you become anxious when waiting for someone who has a history of telling you he or she will be there soon and just never shows up at all?


  1. 1. I don't know if cold damp causes arthritis but it sure as heck makes it hurt.
    2. I buy a lot of organic dry goods and beans and I freeze it all for at least 2 weeks to keep critters at bay.
    3. Anxious or pissed?

  2. My little toe I broke about 45 years ago is the only thing that hurts when I am cold. I was anxious. Now, I am pissed! Jose never showed up or called!


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