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Monday, January 4, 2016

Let me Recommend

I think it was last year that I praised watermelon candy canes from Brach. WM had hundreds of them marked down--12 for a quarter. This year, there was not one watermelon candy cane. Bummer!

This year, a clerk recommended cherry candy canes. I bought a box for a quarter. Let me tell you these are scrumptious. Have you had cherry candy canes? I should not be eating so much sugar, and I should not eat them before bed because my teeth are coated with sugar.

I have never been crazy about peppermint candy canes, but would eat a tiny one as an obligatory part of the Christmas experience. But, I never really liked them. I don't even like peppermint! Plus. candy canes are too sugary.

While I was digging around in the trunk today, looking for HEET, I was pleasantly surprised by things I had forgotten I had in the trunk. More about that in another post.

Tomorrow, Christmas presents are set to be mailed. Well, if the car still works, I can mail them.

Your turn
Did you try watermelon candy canes? Have you tried the cherry candy canes? Did you like either? Have you ever eaten something you did not really like because it was expected? Did you really think you would like it after 50+ years of not caring for it?


  1. Yes, I used to eat my MIL's divinity, which was very good divinity but I just don't like the stuff.

  2. We just bought a box for a quarter, just an hour ago! Only a few left on the last-chance Christmas candy rack.

    1. I forgot to specify. Cherry, not watermelon. The only other flavor available was wintergreen.

    2. GrapeTrades,
      I doubt they stocked shelves with watermelon this year since they sold few last year. Yes, Cherry and Wintergreen plus peppermint were left this year.

  3. This week I brought to work nearly a dozen candy canes leftover from christmas.

    1. Ur-spo,
      There were years I did that. Plus, I took them to grad school classes. Those people are always hungry.


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