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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spanish Speaker Corrects My English!

The two Mexican guys, both legal, still need help with finding a job. I can suggest places and help with the computer applications. So, I do. The one who speaks the most English told me where he was applying. I only understood the word "distributor." Finally, I asked him to spell the first word.


"Oh, tire." Finally, I understood. He said it once again and still it was unintelligible to me. I kept saying it for him. Finally, he laughed at me and told me I should know that it was not "ti-er." He told me I was wrong. I have only been exposed to and speaking English for 69+ years.

This is what Webster has to say:



You may think I speak with a Southern accent, but I guarantee you would know what I was saying.
English pronunciation is not ever consistent. I think it is a miracle people ever learn to speak English. My Spanish lacks a lot, but I have never argued with a native Spanish speaker!

Think about these words and how the gh is pronounced--cough, thought, through. He pronounced "through" as "trew."  The breath sound baffled him.

This man wants to advance in our society, but he needs to trust me about He is a US citizen, has driver's license, Social Security card and owns his house, land in the country. and car. Why would he not believe me? He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I can understand a heavy Spanish accent, but one word baffled me.

I took TESOL classes at the university. (Teaching Speakers of Other Languages) At one point I tutored Japanese to speak English. They are well-educated and can read it but not pronounce English.

He lives next to the fruit and vegetable farm he managed for ten years. The owner retired but Jose can get peaches and other tree fruit growing nest to his property. He has permission to pick some. We will remain friends because I want Just kidding. He will have me as a willing tutor for a long time.

When I told him I would like fruit to can, he asked if I would teach him how to can. Now, if I could teach people to can in exchange for produce to can for myself, the deal would profit us both.

And, once again, my car will not start!

Your turn
Have you ever helped anyone with speaking English? Would you trade canning lessons for produce? Who cursed my car?


  1. I bet you can trade canning lessons for good to can. Try putting an ad on Craigslist mentioning you are a former teacher. I tried for years to find someone to tech me and finally taught myself with books and videos. I would have loved to pounce on your ad.
    Patti from CA

  2. I am trying to learn conversational Spanish and welcome help from Gloria who not only corrects me but makes fun of the way I say nearly everything. She swears southern Spanish is the longest most drawn out Spanish ever. Like your Japanese students I am much better reading than speaking it.

    I would trade canning lessons for any fruits or vegetables

    1. Anne,
      Who is Gloria? I can see Jose making fun of the way I speak Spanish, but telling me how to speak English? I think he thought I was trying to throw him off since I was irritated at him.

      I spoke to Spanish students in Spanish, so they assumed I was fluent in Spanish. I had to say "despacio" in order to follow their rapid speech...despacio=slowly.

      I think I understand both about equally--not very well!

      We should open a canning school. We could probably teach other domestic arts.


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