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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sales This Week at the Grocery

Written on Friday

I didn't buy everything I wrote on my list. Since the ad is good through Tuesday, I can get the other things on Tuesday.

I wanted a  5 lb. box of Halos, but they were out of Halos in the box. Halos in a 5 lb bag was $5.98, in a 5 lb. box--$3.98. Okay, got that Saturday. It seems the bags of Halos were still used for price-matching.

Everything on the list was or will be price-matched at WM.

Chicken tenders 3 pkgs. @$1.69/lb.
Bananas $0.29/lb (bought six small ones)
Baby carrots $0.98/lb. (did not buy)
Iceberg, Romaine, red and green leaf lettuce $0.98 (buy Tuesday)
Star Kist tuna $0.79 (bought only 2)
Kraft Cheese $2.79 (not a best price so bought only one)
2 lb. carrots (bought one bag)
Cherries $3.99/lb  (just bought a few)
Cabbage 1 head at $0.33/lb. (small and strange looking)

There were other good bargains in my paper ads and online, but I was not going to buy any so I did not put them on the list to post. Beef is entirely off my radar no matter how cheap.

I had plenty of salad greens in the refrigerator. By Tuesday I will need more and buy before the ad goes off. There were other bargains of real food, but nothing I eat or could afford. The meat cannot fit in my freezer, so why buy?  The only way the three packages of chicken tenders will fit in the freezer is by taking out the ground pork for the meat loaf.

On a whim I bought something I have never bought--bread crumbs, Panko Italian to be exact. I will use those on the tenders and cook in the oven. We will see how this goes. This is the only food item I bought that was not in an ad. 

Since I did not get the cabbage and carrots until late Friday, of course, they did not get cooked with potatoes as I planned. I have a bag of chicken breasts that need to be eaten first. So, no meat loaf. Plus, I forgot to take the ground pork for the meatloaf from the freezer.

The cabbage only cost $0.67 at $0.33/lb. Usually, I get cabbages that weigh 3+ lbs. This was puny and strange looking. The produce guy said the rain out West ruined the cabbage crop.

Right now, Saturday, I am so hot. But, it will be down to 19 by Sunday night.

Your turn
What kind of bargains did you find at the grocery this week? Do you use paper ads or the ads online?


  1. Hi Linda... I found boneless skinless chicken thighs for 1.29 a pound. I have been usingthem more than breasts. This week I am going to experiment with bubble and squeak. Ever had it?

    1. carol,
      I just don't like the thigh but will eat it in chicken and dumplings. No, I have never had bubble and squeak! Tell me about it.

  2. Went to WM around 4pm Sat to return a free Redbox movie and to pick what few groceries we needed.

    The guy stocking produce was very apologetic because whoever does the ordering did not order what was needed -
    NO celery
    NO bananas
    NO organic cauliflower
    He did very nicely find a small box of celery hearts so I was able to buy that.
    I'm beginning to think that this crazy weather that's affecting all the US is starting to take a toll on the produce.
    Oh, by the way, I won't buy any produce from outside the US unless is is certified organic - there are some companies that still sell outlawed in the US pesticides to other countries. Another reason I grow as much as possible.

    1. Bellen,
      The stores here mostly look like pictures from an ad with all the fresh produce. However, WM only order three bags of salad greens in one order. That would not last two hours on the shelves! I do hear lots about the weather. AND, I am careful about the origin of my food. I worry about China=grown produce and ingredients in food.

  3. I despise grocery shopping probably because I have never developed the 'knack'; I tend to buy what I want rather than go for bargains. On the other hand I do read labels for signs of incipient inimical ingredients.

    1. Ur-spo,
      There are days I buy what I want. Reading labels is just self defense these days.


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