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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Publix Promise

Last week, I went to Publix to get a goat cheese  log with blueberry vanilla "coating."
The calories in this treat were less than the calories in cheesecake or ice cream. The deli item had a $5.99 price tag on it. However, I ended up spending over $7. I mentioned it to the cashier and to the customer service person. They said that must have been a Wednesday price. Too tired to throw a fit if necessary, I left.

I was especially tired that day and was off my game. When I arrived home, I decided to call them. The woman said she would give me $1 off my next order if I brought back the receipt..

Ads came out today, and I spent $35 on food. Since I "needed" another Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese log, I went to Publix to see their ads.

After they rang up my ground pork and the goat cheese, I asked how much the goat cheese was. The cashier looked at the receipt--"$6.99." I told them to look at the package. "$5.99."

Another guy stepped forward and told me they would honor the "Publix Promise." I was a bit stunned and asked what that was. "We will give the item free if it rings up wrong."

Good deal. Then, I mentioned the one that rang up wrong the week before, telling them it should be free, too. They looked puzzled, examined the receipt and agreed.

I left with 2 8-oz. logs of $11.98 worth of  deliciousness...FREE.

From now on, I will be buying $10 worth of groceries to get the free item if it is something I will use. Plus, I will use coupons. That usually makes the item almost free.

Plus, Wednesday is Senior day with 5% off for anyone 60 or older. I am. As a matter of fact, they were surprised when I asked for this perk, saying they did not think I was 60. Okay, maybe they were trying to flatter me, but I will take the compliment.

YAY me!

Your turn
Do you have Publix in your area? If so, do you shop there? Does you have a store with a similar policy?


  1. Replies
    1. Ur-spo,
      Maybe you have a comparable store.

  2. Yes, we have a Publix but no senior discounts or Publix promise except a refund of the exact amount overcharged. I recenly bought 2 bags of dried beans for $2 each- on sale from $3 and on my way out I noticed they rang up wrong. CS just gave me my $2. I asked and they said that is all they do. I like Publix stores but their prices are high- I just do the BOGO and sale items- never anything that isn't marked down. I also do the same with Winn Dixie- sale merchandise/BOGO.

    1. NAN,
      No senior discounts on Wednesday? Bummer! The $2 was all they owed you. So, that is good. Oh, I intend to only buy the bogo. Nothing else.

  3. Our Publix is less than a year old, nice and shiny, bright and clean. But they have the highest prices around. Even their BOGO deals are usually higher than Walmart.

    One day we stopped at the Publix for the BOGO on Thomas's English muffins thinking we got a good price. Next went to Walmart and noted the price on Thomas' English muffins was lower than the BOGO deal. The route salesman/stocker told us he had just been to Publix to stock and was astounded at what they charged - he was stocking Walmart from the SAME stock as Publix.

    Don't know what Publix's policy on wrong prices is but I do know they do no have a senior discount.

    I shop where the prices are the best and consistently Walmart wins.

    1. Bellen,

      Publix grinds their own pork, so I will go there for that and try to stay away from the goat cheese. When I shopped in the one in Madison with a friend, I did notice WM beat their bogo. The only way that could be a deal is if a person had an awesome coupon.

  4. I don't think that we have any Publix around here. It seems that north of Chicago only has the expensive stores like CVS and Jewel.
    Good job and shop on!

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Publix is the nicest and most expensive store in this area of the country.

  5. Unless you buy their generic products, Publix is very, very expensive as far as I am concerned. It's a beautiful store, filled with lots of home made goodies (with exorbitant prices to match). I just walk through a Publix or better yet to buy something Wal Mart or Aldi doesn't carry. It's a nice day out. But I leave with my wallet intact.
    Don't shop at Publix. But it's nice to know about the 5% Senior Wednesday is. Wonder if they have that policy in Florida, the senior capital of the world!! (Publix prob would go bankrupt here if they gave the seniors that discount)

    1. Cindi,
      For me it is more like a stroll through a museum. The customers are so polished, well-dressed, and polite. So far, the buying of things not in WM is my only reason to go there so far.

      The prepared food to sample is nice. Last time was a bust-rice with peas and lasagna with beef. Allergens were in both dishes!

      I will see what I can do with the bogo deal

  6. I have a Publix less than a mile from me and I love it. If you shop the bogo sales with coupons Publix honors them on both items and never complains. Mine doubles coupons also, and has Wednesday Sr. discounts for anyone 60 or over. I disagree with the Walmart employee practices so I try to shop elsewhere, but Aldi is the bomb!

  7. Anne,
    I don't think mine doubles coupons, but I will check. I knew that I could use a coupon on both items but was told "No."

    The Aldi here is small, crowded and often nasty looking. Since there are no carts, I have not been back since the first visit.


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