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Monday, January 4, 2016

Sea Foam for the Car

My car would not start on the morning of New Year's Eve. Sunday, I was in WM trying to buy a gas cap and HEET. A man heard what I was saying and offered to come to my house and repair it. He and his family had no money and came to WM just to look around.

Several years ago, this car would just stop in the road, stop going up hill, not start at all after sitting all night or after being left in a parking lot for an hour. This only happened when I was low on gas. My back hurt so on the 23rd I decided I would get gas on NYE when out. I had lost my gas cap about two months ago and never remembered to get another when I could afford one

I rightly assumed that there was trash in the fuel line and condensation caused water. He had me buy a product called Sea Foam. This video explains what this stranger did. Oh, the guy said he was a mechanic and ran a garage. When a person has no money or friends to look at a car, sometimes a person has to trust. His wife and kids came with him and sat in their car for two hours while he worked. 

The car ran Sunday night after he worked on it. Then, I started it about 5 pm to show exbf how easily it starts and how nice the engine sounds. Well, two hours later, it would not start! I called the guy and now he says it is a short somewhere. He told me but I forgot. He is coming by tomorrow to do something else.

When I asked how much this would cost as we were in WM, he said whatever I wanted to give him. I gave him $40 and he gave me back $20, so I don't think he is all bad. Since I was looking at a $60 or more tow bill, I felt he earned it.

Many people have said Sea Foam is good and good for cars.

I was not able to mail packages, not able to pick up my repaired purse from the cobbler, not able to do lots of things. I could if the car had started after exbf and I had gone to see Star Wars. We went to an early movie so he could get home early and I could do chores in the car.

Star Wars was wonderful! I love Harrison Ford. I saw the first Star Wars and the last. Well, I heard this was the last one.

Your turn
Have you heard of Sea Foam? Have an opinion of it? Ask your husband.  Have you seen Star Wars?


  1. It was very kind of the man to work on your car with his family in his car.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Yes. And it was very nice of his wife to sit without being impatient. She was smiling to the end. She could have been hurrying him.


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