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Saturday, January 2, 2016

75% Clearance!!!

Every year I prepare for this clearance sale. I look for it. After Christmas items are first marked down to 50% off at WM. On New Years Day the clearance is 75% off. YAY

Glad Ziploc quart storage bags with Christmas designs, 48 in a box, are the same price as the regular quart storage bags--$4.46. At 75% off the Christmas designs are $1.11, not a bad price. I bought 8.

Glad Ziploc gallon storage bags were also $4.46, 38 in a box. They were also 75% off, making the box of 38 also $1.11. I bought 5.

This is a $57.98 value for $14.43.

Saved 75%. Of course, I did.

Snack crackers with a holiday design were also 75% off. I got the last two boxes of Wheat Thins, my favorite cracker. Originally they were $2; clearance price was $0.50. I spent $1 on two boxes of Wheat Thins.

Saved 75%

A $4 value in Wheat Thins cost me $1.

I paid $15.43 for merchandise worth $61.98.

You're right. I am giddy. Hopefully, I have enough bags to last until next Christmas and beyond. When I give exbf food to take home, I try to use these bags instead of Tupperware or breakable glass. He cannot stand much to wash dishes, either. Right now, we probably both use too much plastic. But, it is necessary for the present. Or, you can come wash my dishes.

I gave my friend a box of the quart bags and a box of the Wheat Thins for taking me to WM + $2 for gas.

Your turn
Do you find these items on Christmas clearance at WM? Maybe there are still some left. What items on Christmas clearance have you gotten?


  1. That is usually how i get decorations.i love day after sales!

    1. Michelle,
      I swore I would buy nothing like decorations or gifts at the sales. However, I will buy these eventually, so I am saving money over the year. They are consumable!

  2. Wow I would be giddy too with a deal like that. I use a lot of zip bags. Always was curious about cooking in them. Like omelet in a bag in boiling water. But now there are warnings against this. I do heat things in the microwave but not on full power. I wash my bags and reuse them, but not if they held raw meat.

    1. I don't boil in them. Sometimes, I will microwave in them just to reheat. Even though I don't wash and reuse, do reuse for crackers and stuff.

  3. This makes me want to stop at Walmart to check out the deals. I always stock up on the holiday themed foods after the holiday when they get marked down. My kids don't care if poptarts have Christmas designs on them, cupcakes have green and red sprinkles or the pretzels are in the shape of Christmas trees. They'll eat them anytime of the year.

    1. M Ripples,
      I agree with your children. The Christmas designs are not part of the taste experience. I will be eating holiday Wheat Thins tomorrow.


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