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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Canning, Candy Canes, Car

Candy canes always get soft and sticky. Around June I try to get rid of candy not eaten around here. Even kids don't like candy canes once it gets icky. When I had lots of company, I kept bowls of ribbon candy and other hard candy out at Christmas for visitors to eat. It is too sugary for me, so it sits for months in the covered candy dishes.  Now, I don't have a lot of company, so there are never any candy dishes around. However, there are candy canes.

Using a quart jar, I put 20 candy canes inside, some crook up, some crook down, still in the cellophane. That left 4 candy canes. After I took off the cellophane  those last four and broke them into 1.5" pieces, I had only half-filled a half-pint jar. This way, I can use the canes in recipes or share with friends or children before the are icky. Or, I can have a tiny piece once in a while.

The car won't run. The mechanic won't come back. Well, he is not answering the phone. Another friend insists I use his shade-tree mechanic friend. I told the guy I cannot pay his friend or buy parts. He insists I wait until I have money so his friend can do the work. I am furious. I only want this guy friend to remove boxes from my car, not find a mechanic. Calling a tow truck is the only thing I want now. The guy STILL insists I use his friend! I can only borrow another friend's cc to pay for this whole thing! It's like he goes deaf when I say that.

What I did was to talk to the owner of the shop where I will take my car. He was very enthusiastic about the Sea Foam, explaining in detail what the mechanic in my yard said about cleaning the engine.


  1. I've gotten clearance candy canes a few times. I like the tart ones.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I am not sure which ones are tart. I don't like peppermint canes


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