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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saturday Morning Nightmare

I was somewhere like a grocery store when all Hell broke loose. An alarm was going off. There were black-suited men supposed to be protecting someone--maybe the president? Everyone was looking for the alarm or alarms going off as this was a warning of a bomb or something. I was frantically searching. Everyone was frantically searching. Well, the suits were just lolling about against vegetable bins and such. Their lack of worry worried me!

Finally, I woke up to the clock alarm which had been going off for 7 minutes. I was right about the dream going on for a long time. The frantic dream search seemed to exhaust me. I pressed the snooze button three more times.

I am not sure what was going with my sleep but I was tired all morning. About 2 pm or so, I slept. I awoke for 30 minutes at 5:30 and finally awoke for good at 10:30 pm. ugh. Since I have to reverse this pattern by Monday, tomorrow will be rough.

This afternoon, I put a hen on to cook and boned it tonight and then put on potatoes in the crockpot along with chicken tenders.  Finally, I decided to put all the potatoes left into the crock pot plus the last of the cabbage. I am minding those now.

Today, I bought on price-matched 8 red grapefruit for a quarter each. They are beautiful, but I have not eaten one to see how they taste. Bananas were $0.29lb., so I got about 8 tiny ones.

Since the weatherman mentioned the "s" word for Sunday night/Monday morning, I am quite sure the stores were crazy tonight. I am glad I went this morning. It's is not even supposed to stick, but snow terrifies Southerners. Of course, everyone remembers the blizzard of  March1993. I was snowed in for a week.

Your turn
If you are in the South and the "s" word has been mentioned by the meteorologist in your area, have you seen any panic buying in the grocery stores? Have you ever cooked vegetables in the chicken broth left in the pan/pot? have you had a nightmare lately?


  1. I live in the North where we hear the "s" word on a regular basis, and folks still flock to the grocery store when it is mentioned. You would think that they would stay stocked up, knowing what is coming every winter. :)

    I often cook vegetables in the broth left from cooking a chicken. Gives them such a nice, added flavor.

    1. Vicki,
      I thought this was a Southern thing.

      Sometimes, I put vegetables in with the chicken, but I have never just used the broth without a chicken in the crockpot.

  2. I wish we would warm up enough to get snow. We have ice on the inside of the windows and electrical outlets. We are the Popsicle people.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      That sounds cold! I have never know any Popsicle people. There have been days I felt like one.

  3. Oh my goodness! I work in a grocery store in the south and if the weather man even mentions flurries the store fills up. It is crazy.

    1. Eugenie,
      Thanks for the first-hand confirmation. I hear the checkers complain.

  4. Why oh why do southerners freak out so about a few snowflakes?


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