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Friday, January 8, 2016

Car is Back and Not Completely Repaired

The wrecker picked up my car on Wednesday. I got my car back at 5 PM on Thursday. That seems like an awfully long time to replace a fuel pump. This place keeps nothing in stock, not even belts, so all has to be ordered. But, they do good work. The car is still not running right. I suggested I just take the car and bring it back another day. It seems it acts like it is going to stop when idling. Otherwise, going down the road it is like a new car, best it has ever driven.  Of course, Sea Foam and high octane gas help lots, I think.

The mechanic found a loose vacuum hose, probably the one the shade-tree mechanic could not completely remove. But, they shoved that on and it is still not right. I do remember it screwed on and the mechanic in the driveway could not get it unscrewed. The mechanic is supposed to have shoved it back tight. Maybe he should have screwed it on.

I don't know what to do. I am out $500 which I had to borrow.

Tomorrow, I am going out to personally check to see if all the vacuum hoses I can see are pushed in or screwed in, whatever they do. I wonder if they checked the spark plugs to see if those connectors or whatever are loose. Charlie can tell me what else to push back in.

Don't laugh! Sometimes I really do fix things with little effort. Oh, and any suggestions from any of you are welcome.

At least I now have milk and bananas, so am a little less tense and irritable. B y hurrying, I managed to hit CVS for melatonin. It took them 30 minutes to find the bottle I ordered. Someone put it out on the shelf even though they don't carry what I ordered.

At the other pharmacy I just drove up and left with my prescription.

WM had lovely milk! Two more prescriptions were picked up. And bananas! I will make my list from the sale ads and go back tomorrow for cabbage and carrots which will join potatoes in the crock pot. I am drooling over the thoughts of that dish. Dehydrated celery, onion, and bell pepper will season the whole pot. The pepper I grew, dehydrated and ground will work for the only other seasoning. Meat loaf from ground pork and oats will round out the meal.

Your turn
Any suggestions about the car?  Are you coming for dinner on Friday night?


  1. Dinner sounds good and your idea of checking the spark plugs is a good one, it could easily be the problem. They say to look for the simplest fix before trying the exotic stuff. It works with cars and people :)

    1. kylie,
      I only got 2.5 hours sleep and someone called me this morning. Since I forgot to turn off my phone, I talked to him. Then, I shopped and took a heavy-duty nap. So, basically, I did not check anything. That is soooo correct about

  2. Your meal sounds wonderful. And now I'm hungry.
    I've got no idea on the car. Maybe it just needs to be driven. When Anna had water in her gas, it took a while before it got back to normal. She had to run about a half a tank out. Now it runs like a champ. But it too seemed like it ran terrible when it was idling and then a champ when it got going.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      That is interesting that it took a while to get all the water out. I ran the car off a driveway and got the front passenger side wheel where it just spun, no contact. I had to be hauled out. THEN, the car idled perfectly. Maybe I frightened it into running right.


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