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Monday, January 11, 2016

Car, Speaking Spanish, Dinner, Cold,

When I awoke on Sunday, The car was dead, dead, dead. The door locks would  not work. I called six people and only one responded. He would be home from the other side of Huntsville in three hours and could help me. In the meantime, he would call his wife's nephews to see if they were around to help me.

I heard nothing until 8 am Monday when he called and said he did not get home until 11 pm on Sunday. He said someone would be right over to help me. Then, Jose called and said he missed my call. So, I told him the problem. He was going to come right over since he was in town. Since someone was coming right over, I told him just to keep working on his job search. Then, when no one showed up, I called him to come to my house and jump off my car. He said he was just in town and why did I not have him come over then. Really, do I sound like I know what I am doing?

Exbf had arrived at 9:30 and just sat in the car per my instructions. Last night, we had planned to go straight to WM  to buy jumper cables. He has not owned any since I have know him. I don't know what happened to my jumper cables. When I bought this car, the other car sat and got moldy inside while waiting for the owner to pick it up. I did not get the jumper cable out and they got so moldy that I either left them in the car, gave them to the guy that moved the car, or threw them in the trash. It's longer and complicated, so trust me.

When Jose arrived, I had gone to sit in the car and talk with exbf. Jose said he would just leave since we were going somewhere. Noooo!

He tried to jump off the battery but said it was not happening. It was too dead or something.  He and his brother took the battery out and put it in exbf's trunk. I suggested they go along for the ride. They might have just left...needed to keep them captive.

Auto Zone said it was a good battery, just dead. AZ kept it to charge it. I suggested to Exbf that they deserved a Whopper. He agreed. We left, got a 50 cent Coke from a machine and used coupons at BK. We got four cans of drinks, two Whoppers, two Chicken Sandwiches for $10.

We arrived at AZ a bit early, got the battery and the guys installed it in my car. It runs, but the misfiring is worse than before. It still runs fine, but shakes me when at a light.

Tomorrow, I am taking my car to the garage and sitting to wait on it. No more overnight for my car!

While we were sitting in the car and waiting for the last few minutes of the AZ charge, I bought up pronouncing "tire." Tommy said it for them. Jose said everyone he knew said, "tar" I explained the implications of talking that way. He was sort of insulted and baffled. We tried to explain that he could understand all the different regions and countries that spoke Spanish. And, that we could understand poor pronunciation and regional dialect because we were native speakers. He finally understood. I think.

Exbf and I went out in the country because I wanted to show him where I drove off the driveway and into the only area with a drainage ditch and boulders that scraped my underside of the car.

Coming home, I decided we needed a $1 small milkshake from Arby's. Delish!

The ground pork I thawed for meatloaf was nowhere to be seen in my newly cleaned refrigerator. It was in the freezer. The carrots, potatoes, and cabbage were not cooking fast enough in the crock pot. I took out a good portions and cut into smaller pieces and microwaved it. Done. A chicken breast, chopped and microwaved in some of the vegetable juice saved the day for me. Cherries were dessert before he ate dinner, waiting for me to cook.

Okay, this was much writing about nothing. But, it's all I can find in my very tired head. I stood too much, fretted just about enough, drove/sat too long.

Tomorrow, I will sit in the waiting room of the garage so I can figure out why my car misfires and wracks the car so hard. If I leave it, it might take two more days! This way, I can see when the put it inside the garage, when they actually do work on it. Tomorrow will be a lovely day. NOT!

I became so cold outdoors my fingers hurt, especially after I lost one glove. Exbf found it in his car on his side of the console. But, I had been without a glove for about four hours by the time he found it.

Your turn
Does car trouble just grind you into the ground? Anne, who is Gloria?


  1. The car sounds possessed and should not be trusted.

    1. Ur-spo,
      My thoughts exactly! I need to go to the doctor in Birmingham, but am afraid of getting stranded!


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