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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Am Freezing!

It is 11 pm and it is so cold here tonight...19 degrees F outdoors. In my house about 45 degrees is the warmest. Of course, I can stand in front of the heater, but that's not practical. Since the heater has not been turned off for four days, I can imagine the utility bill this next month.

Tonight was garbage night. It is picked up tomorrow. It is so cold out I did not ask Tony to carry it to the road as usual.

Hopefully, the chickens will be okay. Even though they made it through 9 degree F weather, I still worry. Their sleeping box had lots of poop in it, so I put a bit more leaves and pine straw over the poopy part. Thelma, the oldest hen, always sleeps in the middle of the box with Maggie May and Patsy Cline flanking her. They are lined up facing the door.  Last night, Thelma was sleeping crossways in front of the door. I m not sure what that was all about.

I was going to tape a piece of cardboard over the opening in the plastic bin they sleep in, but the wind would probably blow it off. Plus, I am afraid to close them too tightly in the plastic Rubbermaid. If their respiration is not allowed to escape, they will get sweaty and wet and probably become ill and die.

Is anyone else experiencing terrific winds? It was frightening even walking in my own yard because some limbs are dead, just ready to fall. One of them would kill me!

When I was in the kitchen  earlier, I noticed the kitchen curtains were blowing. One of the windows in there works its way up. Of course, it is the farther window where I would have to climb in a chair to shut it. That seems way too dangerous, so I will wait until someone more agile and strong can come here.

Tomorrow is the day exbf was going to come since it is his day off. I told him not to come because it will be 11 degrees tonight and only 25 degrees tomorrow. The hens have a heated water container, so I won't need him or me to keep putting out hot water.

I am sitting in an upholstered chair with blankets all over me. If I put my feet on the floor, my feet turn to ice. So, I keep my feet on the ottoman. It is amazing how 14 inches height makes a difference.

My six tulips were looking puny, so I covered them where they are still sitting on the metal swing. I hope that saves them from the fierce winds and low temps. Since the basement door will not close completely, I used a plastic drop cloth to stuff in the crack. The waterline trench is filled to ten inches with dirt. I hope the connection to the water meter is covered enough not to freeze.

In my basement I have a sled and a snow shovel. You would think if we have to suffer from the weather, we could at least have a bit of snow, just enough to have some fun. Then, it could all melt.

The grocery ads came today, so I will look through those. I still need to go through the Sunday coupons and the drugstore ads. The scissors are too cold to hold, so I will browse instead of cutting out coupons.

Going to bed will be the only way to get warm all over, so that will be next after the grocery ads and coupons.

Your turn
How cold is it at your house? Winds? Snow? Do your animals have good outdoor shelter? What day do your grocery ads arrive at your house?


  1. It's 41 degrees. It's chilly for us. It's not windy. I have a lot of poop in my poop box, too. Willy Dunne Wooters hasn't been cleaning up after me.


    1. 18 degrees here this morning and 11 over night! Willy Dunn Wooters is falling down on the job? It sounds pleasant where you are. thanks.

  2. Here on the east coast of England it is raining and not too cold thankfully. We've been very fortunate this winter, hardly anything to complain about, and for the English that's quite unusual :-)

    Hope the chickens stay OK.

    1. PhilipH,
      They are just fine this morning, and the winds is nil. LOL...from what I have heard, the English weather is often quite nasty.

  3. SW FL, south of Sarasota and it's 50 with light winds. Tonight there is a freeze warning for most all of Florida with the chance of record lows - predicted to be about 30! At least there is no snow.

    Since I don't get the paper I have to wait for the food ads to be posted on line on Thursday.

    Have no animals but all media have posted warnings to bring pets indoors tonight and put livestock in barns.

    Hope you can stay warm and your pipes don't freeze. In CT our local TV weatherman would tonight a "three dog night", in other words have your 3 dogs sleep with you for warmth.

    1. Bellen,
      That sounds downright tropical since it is 18 now. I don't take the paper either. This is a free paper, put into the mailbox each Wednesday. It is full of ads that people place for yard sales, items, and then commercial ads. Store ads are stuffed in the center. However, there are no drugstore ads stuffed in the center.

      Livestock in your area don't have a winter undercoat, so they would be more susceptible than livestock where it is has been cold so far.

      Yes, I have "three chicken" nights. When I had to carry Maggie May under my arm and drive with her, I could feel her warmth through my clothes.

  4. It's been unusually warm here ( what the neighbors tell us). Our temps are suppose to drop, in addition we are suppose to get windy. I will bring my hens in the garage. They don't have a shelter yet, and the tarps over the dog run they are in wont give them enough protection.

  5. Michelle,
    Mine live through teens with only a tarp and Rubbermaid box. Cold won't hurt them, just wind that draws warmth from them. I am sure they will enjoy the garage for shelter.

  6. It's been very cold & windy here as well. Currently: 19 degrees, calling for a bit of ice/snow tonight.


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