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Friday, February 27, 2015

Cleared Streets

I took pictures, but cannot post them. This is the first time our streets have ever been cleared of snow. Usually, we just all drive in one lane sort of carved from the least snow. So, a four-lane road becomes a two-lane for days. It was pretty exciting seeing all four lanes cleared to the curb. There was not one bit of slush.

Don't get me wrong, there is still lots of snow. None of my yard except the path to the hens and under the car is free of snow. Some of my footprints melted to the ground. My street was not cleared. The bigger roads, the ones that are two highways that intersect here in town, are the ones cleared along with some side roads, just not in neighborhoods. It was pretty exciting to see the corners of two little roads with piles of snow 12 feet across and about 8 feet high. Yep, that last statement pretty much nails me for being small-town.

Even when I lived in Memphis, I don't think roads were ever cleared. The South just didn't roll that way. I have no idea with what they cleared the roads here in town. I do know we have at least one road grader. Today, on the way home there was a backhoe with a grabber thing on the other end. The grabber would grab part of one of the big piles, shut its jaws, and drive it to a dump truck at the other end of the block.

It seems like letting it sit on the road corner would be no big deal. They dropped snow all over and got the roads wet, so it will be too slick to drive on tomorrow for several hours. But, there will be no snow on the corner!

When I went to Rochester, NY, on Christmas, I saw way too much snow, but I don't remember if I saw it was cleared or whatever. We had just been in a horrific seven-car accident near Batavia, and I had sworn I would never go back in winter. I didn't.

I am sure I will have snow in my yard until Tuesday. The one thing I like about snow in the South is that is seldom snows. Plus, it goes away very quickly. It never gets brown. Plus, my car won't be ruined by salt, nor will my leather shoes.

The hens stayed in their pen today even though I left the door open.

Maggie May left me one egg. Since they ran out of water one day, I am sure that affected egg production. I did not fall down or fall today.

Your turn
Do you live in a town so small and so far south that you don't have snow removal equipment?


  1. Yes, but we also never have snow. If we did, we'd think had come to an end :)

  2. Snow good, so far ;-]

    We were cut off for almost 5 days in Scotland a few years back. No joke. No electricity. No hope of driving. Survival was the name of the game and we were glad we still had the old-fashioned open fire, a few good logs and a heap of coal in the shed. Never again, hopefully, especially as we live elsewhere now and with NO open fire!

    Glad the chickens seem to be doing as good as possible.

    1. PhillipH,
      I had no electricity for five days after a tornado, but it was balmy spring.

  3. I'm done with winter. UGH!! It was -5 yesterday without the windchill. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!
    I'm so ready for some warm weather.

  4. we are set up here in Canada for the snow. They do a half decent job, if they didn't they would hear about it...LOL Glad you managed to stay upright today!!

  5. Here in the UK we rarely get any roads cleared of snow or even gritted. We just aren't geared up to handle snow at all, so when it happens the whole country grinds to a halt.


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