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Thursday, February 5, 2015

How Not to Dry Mushrooms

There is a right way and a wrong way. I think I found the wrong way. I know lots about dehydrating. Okay, stop laughing. When I am confused, I look up what I need to know.

I know that case hardening happens when the slices of whatever you are dehydrating are too thick. The outside gets hard and dry, leaving the inner part damp, causing it to mold. Plus, all the slices should be the same thickness. None of this was going on with my mushrooms.

Some slices of mushroom were very thick, nearly a half-inch thick. Others were mere slivers. I set about to turning the overly thick slices into something thicker than the mere slivers.

Two hours later when I opened the door to the dehydrator, little bits of trash blew out to join other little bits of trash on the counter and the floor. Soon, it was apparent the "trash" was thoroughly dehydrated mushroom slices. I ate the ones on the counter. Throughout the evening, I repeatedly opened the door and watched more wisps of mushroom fly out.

Next time, I will put the thick pieces in the front of the tray and the thicker pieces on the back of the tray. I may cover the mushrooms with one of the mesh lingerie bags.


Tonight, I bought a package of Red Velvet Oreos. On the way home, I stopped and gave the rest of the bag to Tony so I would not eat them all tonight. "You are so funny." Then, he left with them, saving me from myself. I put two cookies in my pocket and cannot find them. I don't remember eating them. ???

Your turn
Is there another food that takes flight after dehydrating? Do you ever rush to give away food/sweets so you will not have it around the house because you know you will overeat?


  1. Mushrooms are really full of air holes under a microscope as they are a fungus and then water so they do dehydrate pretty small. You had to say red velvet oreos didn't you....

    1. Out My Window, a plan for the Oreos. I didn't. I ate the middle row on the way home. The neighbor saved me by taking them off my hands.

  2. I've heard of alcohol blackouts, but your's is the first Oreo blackout!

    1. Snow,
      LOL...I found them on the dashboard. I was beginning to think that dementia was setting in. Oreo blackout was more like it.

  3. Janet, thank you. 44 years of blogging, and finally a crumb of validation. Here, let me worship at your feet.


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