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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Easier Way to Use Coupons, Plus Coupon Lingo Demystified

We no longer have to cut out and organize coupons in binders. Actually, for several years we have been free of that burden. I have to admit that I enjoyed that task of clipping and filing. However, I did not enjoy the purging of expired coupons. I really hated letting a good coupon expire when I really wanted to and needed to use it.

Check out the 2015 Sunday Coupon Preview HERE.  There are five Sundays that there will be no inserts.

Just before the actual printed schedule, click on the last sentence with leads you to exactly which coupons will be in each insert. In case you miss it, look HERE.

The insert schedule keeps me from a making a wasted trip to the store to get papers for coupons. Several years ago, I would just buy papers and come home puzzled as to why there were no inserts. Now, I know better.

The coupon list solves several problems. 1) Maybe you don't want the paper because there is not  coupon in the paper that you need. You know before you go to buy the paper whether you want it or not. I cannot imagine not needing coupons. 2) When you see a deal, you can check for coupons. 3) Conversely, when you see a coupon for a product you want, you can look for a sale of that product or just use it without a sale. 4)The expiration date of the coupon is included, meaning you are less likely to let a coupon expire.

All this is not new, but if one person missed these sites, now you know. If someone has refused to cut coupons to use them, well, here is the chance to take an easy route.

I have decided to print the coupon lists to keep with the coupons to help me be more efficient.

Does the coupon lingo confuse you? Look HERE and overcome the confusion. is raining and cold right now. Even though the temperature is 57 degrees F, I need the heater. Walmart is closing right now, so I will go out after it opens at midnight to get papers and some drinking water. Tomorrow will still be rainy, but the temperature will be lower.

Right now, I suppose I will scramble three eggs for late dinner. I don't eat toast or anything, just drink milk with eggs.

Oh, I collected two eggs today and dreamed last night.

Your turn
IF you use coupons, do you use these sites to determine when coupons are in the paper and which coupons are there? If you don't use coupons, never mind. Have you ever, like I, wondered what coupon bloggers were talking about?


  1. I quit clipping coupons. I do print them from once in a while though. I'm spending less now than before but I think its because we don't have any kids at home.

  2. Sonya Ann,
    I am quite sure that no children has lots to do with not spending so much. My daughter said she barely bought anything when her son moved away and she and 13-yr-old daughter were the only ones eating.


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