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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Laundromat Experience

What I saw horrified me. I need to stay out of the Laundromats.

Sunday, since I used my last wash cloth and had on my last clean pair of panties, I decided I could no longer put off the dreaded trip to the laundry. Usually, I go during the week and I am lucky to even see another person. The threat of ice and bad road conditions and no electricity spurred me to finally go wash clothes.

Sunday was different, but the place was still not packed. There are no tattered and dirty magazines to distract me. So, I made a couple of phone calls and watched people as I just stared off into the distance. I no longer read public magazines, so it was okay.

What horrified me? I watched as men and women alike poured 1/2 to 1 cup of detergent and softener into the washing machines. After that, I deliberately watched to see how much people used. Of course, I did not check to see what the various bottles suggested, but since I use bottled detergent, I am pretty sure they used more than the manufacturer suggested.

As I sat waiting, Scooby Doo was on the tv. Just kill me now. Then, the little kid changed the channel. Sooo, when the kid left, I could change the channel. One day, I watched Spanish TV and thought I had no recourse. Since I figured out how to change the channel, CNN was mine. A guy who did not speak English very well, asked me where it happened, referring to the shooting in Copenhagen. "Here?"  No, in Copenhagen. "Is that here?" No, in Europe. "Is that here?"  No, in Denmark. "Oh." I am not sure he ever understood. He just walked away. Then, I sat there mulling over my memory--is Copenhagen really in Denmark? Yes, I know it is, but I don't know why I am second guessing my memory.

I was proud of one guy who used 1 cup liquid detergent on his clothes when he separated his clothes, dark from light. Then, he threw all together, dark and light, into one dryer. Money can't be that tight.

Going to the laundromat is the most boring thing I have ever done! I managed to drop two items on the floor, so I gathered them up to hang and dry and put back into the laundry hamper. I saw other people just pick up clothing and throw it in the dryer or the clean clothes basket. I threw up a little in my mouth.

One couple with two little children used eight washers! These were the $6 washers. How can people afford this, especially when they use a cup of detergent?

Taking in one load of laundry, half in one trip and half in the other, still caused me extreme pain, and now, tonight, I can barely walk. Ugh!

When I was able to get a shower and wash my hair this evening, I was ecstatic! Still no water.

Your turn
Do you or have you ever had to use the laundry, either public or in an apartment building? Do any of you use a cup of liquid detergent? Do you get as bored as I do? While I was not judging, I was intrigued. Okay, so I was judging. Get over it.


  1. $6 washers seems like robbery. I've never gone to the laundrymat. If my washer was down, I went to my parents. If it were to fail now, I'd wash them by hand. People watching is interesting. I don't use a cup of doesn't get the clothes any cleaner.

    1. Michelle,
      Oh, there was a $7.50 washer! I was told the laundry down the road was $1 more on all the machines. The cost of detergent the way they all used it was horrifying. I started itching, thinking about the detergent left in the fabric.

  2. Haven't had to use a laundromat in over 34 years, thank goodness. I use liquid detergent, a little less than a 1/4 cup per full load, I'd go broke using a cup besides that the detergent wouldn't get rinsed out of the clothes.
    Not that I use a dryer but why can't you dry dark and lights together?

    1. Bellen,
      I use less than a Tbsp of liquid detergent plus 20-Mule Team Borax and half cup vinegar.

      Lint exchange. When I accidentally leave a black sock in the dryer, it gets full of lint. I don't dry socks, but occasionally one gets in there.

  3. I use the laundromat 4 times a year. I have a gigantic overstuffed mattress topper that will not fit in my washer (OK it will fit but will not move once I stuff it in so there is no point in washing it there) I have to use the crazy expensive washer and dryer, but I only wash the topper seasonally. (I have an additional bottom sheet I use to cover it which gets washed every time I wash the sheets)

    I am hooked on All washing gel pacs. The unscented truly has no scent and I can't stand "smelly" things.

    1. Anne,
      I, like you, cannot stand smelly things. I only bought the ALL to see how they were. My grandson was going to college, and I figured they would be good for him since it would be easier than dragging the bottle of detergent. Now, of course, I am using them. I still use the bottle around the house.

      I have a king-sized bedspread I have had for years. It might go in one of those huge machines one of these days.

      That is a good idea using the extra bottom sheet.

  4. That's waaaay too much detergent - even the manufacture's say use less (and they are trying to sell the stuff!).

    1. Cherdo,
      Waaaay too much is putting it mildly. Since everyone in the laundry was doing the same thing, I was puzzled. The machines don't spin all the wash water out, so you know the rinse water is soapy.

  5. I used the laundromat for a couple years in college. I hated waiting for machines, the boredom, lugging around heavy baskets, & spending all that money. But at least I always folded my clothes right then & there vs how I sometimes put it off now lol. My parents gave me their W/D set in 2010. It's 15+ years old now, but still works well. I definitely do NOT use 1 c detergent.

  6. I love people watching too. I haven't gone to the laundromat for years. But back in the day, when I lived in an apartment, one section had to share 2 washers and 2 dryers. There were 12 units in each section. It was sometimes hard to get a washer. I didnt even try on the weekends. Some people were hateful and would throw other people's clean clothes on the floor if they left them for too long. I would always take them out and fold them.


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