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Friday, February 13, 2015

My Lost Sugar

Three times as sweet
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Several years ago, found sugar on sale and had store coupon and another coupon for sugar, making sugar $1 for a four pound bag. I ended up buying 36 pounds of sugar @ 25 cents lb. After it was put into quart jars, I ran out of quart jars, then put some in pint jars, moved on to large glass peanut butter jars, whew. I filled the Tupperware canister I use for sugar. I found two more canisters identical to the sugar canister and filled those. That is a lot of sugar since the size Tupperware canister I use for sugar holds five pounds.

Now, years later, I am out of sugar in the kitchen. I will have to get a stool and see what is up high then get on my knees to see what is low.

Last night, I wanted a bowl of oatmeal. While I was microwaving the oats and water, I poured myself a glass of milk, got out the margarine, salt and ???? where is the sugar? I think it is at exbf's house. I sent it there in liquor boxes with the nice dividers because there was no room here. He denies this....sigh.

At any rate I ate oats with no sugar last night, just a touch of salt, margarine, and lots of raisins. Ugh. It was filling but not so satisfying to me psychologically without sugar. I always ate too much sugar, butter, but little to no salt on my oats. The chickens like it fixed that way, too. I just started eating the raisins in oats after a long spell without raisins. We ate raisins in our oatmeal often when I was a child. The chickens pick the raisins out of their oatmeal in a frenzy before they settle down to eating the oatmeal.

If the gods of lost things and the gods of sugar will help me find my sugar, I will only use one teaspoon of sugar with my oatmeal from now on.

Yes, I know I eat too much sugar in my oatmeal, but often it is the only sugar I eat all day when I eat nothing processed, no bread, and no goodies. We won't talk about the other days. Okay, since you know I have an abundance of chocolate chips, we will talk about my sugar intake. I do eat a dozen chips at one sitting and usually once a day. Since I need to lose weight, I cut back a little everywhere.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients and amounts of sugar in bread? I have.

Sluggy has a POST on salt today. This sugar post is just a coincidence. Did you realize that if you cut back, not even cut out salt and sugar, you would probably still be eating too much of each for optimal health? Salt holds nothing for me. Sugar is a different story.

I know I have this week about Hershey's, but I am not eating it all. I did eat the 12 cookies over three days. Usually 12 cookies would be just a start for me one evening.

(Why did Blogger put another post ahead of this later post?)

Your turn
Have you ever "lost" something as huge as two dozen+ quart jars of sugar? Are you trying to cut back on salt or sugar?


  1. I like sugar. I don't like raisins. They look like dead flies.


    1. Janie,
      LOL...I had not thought of that. Pretend they are chocolate chips.

  2. I am not a raisin fan either. Today I found a paleo popsicle. It was called chocolate fudge but it tasted like frozen pureed raisins. I guess it is a good thing though, because I will not be tempted to buy another.

    I lose stuff all the time and I am still looking for 2 Christmas presents I hid from TheHub. I must be an excellent hider.

    1. Anne,
      Paleo popsicle? I will have to look for that, even if just to read the ingredients.

      I am a great hider of things since I still have not found the Boy Scout knife I bought for my son 38 years ago. Sometimes, I call exbf or friend, Charlie, and tell one of them where I am putting something important. Then, I can call later to ask where the item is located.

      I m glad I like raisins since I have about 25 lbs. of raisins.

  3. i have lost some odd things, even better though are the things i have been accused of losing: a tent and a mattress (!!!!)

    i like porridge with brown sugar and milk, sometimes i add cream and i shouldnt but it is so delicious! i can eat it without sugar but i am not happy to


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