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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tuesday Shopping

The weekly grocery ads come out on Wednesday, so on Tuesday I always look over the ads about to expire and price-match at Walmart. I have not figured out what percent these items were of the original price.

In order to figure my money spent in February and percentage saved, I have a separate post for the month of February. Slugmama always asks how much a person has spent the last month. The lack of this knowledge has spurred me on to figure out how to keep up and report back.

This will only tell you what I bought and what I paid.
2 containers of sliced mushrooms--$0.49 each
6 pint containers of grape tomatoes--$0.99 each
6 stalks of celery--$0.69 each
2 1-lb bags of baby carrots--$0.99 each
4 pkgs Kraft shredded cheese--$2.00 each
6 chunk Kraft cheese--$2.00 each
3 single bananas--$0.44/lb

Today, the grocery ads for local stores came out and there is practically nothing to buy. Actually, there are lots of sales, just not anything I buy. I can look up Kroger and Publix online to see what great prices I can find.

In the meantime I am dehydrating mushrooms and one container of grape tomatoes tonight. The problem is that the mushrooms need a lower heat to dehydrate them. The plus is the mushrooms are washed and dried. So, I am holding off the rest of the grape tomatoes and celery until morning. This is my first time ever to dehydrate any kind of tomato or mushrooms.

I rarely buy mushrooms even though I love mushrooms. I cannot afford them! I sort of wish I had bought a dozen boxes for adding to dishes, especially spaghetti.

I'm not sure how I will use the dehydrated grape tomatoes. They are certainly not sun-dried, but I imagine they are just as tasty. I like sun-dried tomatoes, but they make me dizzy because of the preservatives, nitrites/nitrates. Then, I cannot think and have a week-long headache. These will be preservative-free, but will still possibly carry the residue of pesticides or fertilizers...sigh. It is hard to fight all fronts if you don't raise your own.

Dinner at the church tonight was boxed mashed potatoes (pretty good), mixed peas and carrots (brought home for hens),  very good roll, pork chop (thick and delicious), and banana pudding that I should have not eaten. The hens have the leftovers of three plates for tomorrow.

They have to stay in the pen most of tomorrow, so the whole pork chop and my half eaten two pork chops will keep them busy pecking. They will get cracked corn and oats. They should stay occupied for the day.

One egg. Running out of water is still affecting them. They now have their water heater, so the water will not freeze, leaving them "waterless."

One dream I must recall.
Your turn
Have you ever dehydrated mushrooms? Or grape tomatoes?


  1. I found bargain mushrooms last week and bought 6 pints. I used one and dehydrated the others. I don't wash mine before drying, I use a soft brush and brush the dirt away, then slice and dry. I still have a jar from the last "find" but I use them all the time in soups or stews. I tried rehydrating them once to use in an
    I tried to dry some of our home grown cherry tomatoes last summer but must have done something wrong. Instead of a pliable raisin
    Ike consistency, mine were brittle. I ground them and they are now tomato powder.

  2. Anne,
    I lost that comment! Thanks for sharing your experiences with me. I wonder why the tomatoes were not pliable. Oh, well, I can make tomato powder, too.

  3. I haven't dehydrated anything. Something I will have to explore.
    I have grown mushrooms at home using a kit though - and it worked out to be very economical.

    1. EC,
      I have wondered about the kits to grow mushrooms at home. I checked and the mushrooms I bought should have cost $3.48. The better use of my money would have been to buy only mushrooms! Lots of mushrooms!

      I will have to investigate this mushroom in a kit.


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