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Friday, February 20, 2015

Mavis Wants to Give You a CASE of Girl Scout Cookies

Go HERE to win a whole case of Girl Scout Cookies. There is no way I would keep these in the house because I would go into a Thin Mint coma. I will give most of these away. I can already taste them. Mavis will mail them to any place on earth. Maybe you have someone in the military that would love to get these.

Leave a comment on my blog, too, and I will give you an extra chance in my next giveaway for leaving a comment below. Of course, go try to win cookies.

Your turn
Who likes Girl Scout cookies? What is your favorite cookie? Did you enter Mavis giveaway?


  1. Thin Mints definitely my favorite. Maybe I'll enter.


    1. Janie,
      Imagine, you will have enough to share. I always eat Thin Mints in private so I won't have to share.

      Actually, I usually eat the whole box on the way home.

  2. Thin Mints? Are these what we call After Eights in the UK?

    1. PhilipH,
      I have no idea. These are a crunchy cookie with chocolate on the outside. Does that sound familiar?

    2. No PhilipH they are not after eights. Just a thin biscuit with a mint filling and covered in chocolate. They are very good and my favourite Girl Guide Cookie.

      I am in Canada, but am British born.

      Gill in Canada


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