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Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Brain on Ice

Maybe it is the cold hitting my brain.

Ooops, let me say first--if I don't appear very often, I am having problems with my internet access. Last night, I could not connect, so I thought maybe I did not pay my bill. However, it was on this morning and has disconnected several times.

Now to my brain story. Last night I was freezing in here. This morning I wondered if the heater were heating so little it would soon be unable to heat at all--slowly dying since it is 25 years old. I don't have a backup. I went over and the heater was as its lowest setting. NO WONDER I was so cold. No wonder I am still cold.  The outside temperature is still only 24 degrees, and it is still frigid in here. I am attempting to declutter while it is daylight, but that is slow going. Maybe the heater will make up the lack of the last two days and finally get the room warm.

Your turn
Do you ever assume something is on only to find out that the reason it won't work is because it is off or not on the right temperature. I know you have thought you were preheating the oven when it was really off.


  1. Oh, yes, definitely the oven and the iron and other stuff I can't remember.


  2. I didn't understand how to use the high-beams in my car, nor even understood that I should be using high-beams sometimes, for many years.

    I told my son (who is a teenager) that one part of his cholesterol was too high, and I fretted over what I had done wrong and whether he was doomed to a life of bad heart health (this is why a doctor should interpret lab results, not a dolt like me) until I looked it up, just the other day, and realized HDL is supposed to be high, not low, so he's better than healthy - he's not "in danger." A nice thing to figure out, but I misguided myself for about two years on that.

    I thought our dryer lint trap was just old or warped and wouldn't fit properly anymore; the hub showed me that there was a sofa's worth of link clogging the vent, which caused the bad fit. Glad I didn't start a fire.

    I regularly find new features on my phone or computer that I was too stubborn to learn how to use properly, and thus wasted a lot of time until I discovered the supreme convenience. So these are not examples of thinking something was on when it wasn't (I've thought I brewed coffee when I just made a pot of cold water) but these things are in the same spirit.

    1. 444,
      You made me smile. Yes, they are in the same spirit. Until this last car, I could figure out how to get the high beams on. I had to get out of the car or drive up to a wall to see what they were doing. Then, I realized there was light that came on when the high beams are on. Since one of the driving lights is out, and I cannot afford to get it fixed, I drive with high beams on all the time.

      Did you know that dryer lint is major cause of house fires? My hose is only about three feet long, so maybe I am safe. something is wrong with my washer since water is all over the floor, so when the appliance guy comes, I will have to get him to look at the dryer vent hose even though it will cost more. No, I cannot get to it.

      I am not stubborn about learning new stuff on phone or computer, just clueless. I have never made coffee, but I will ask exbf if her has made a pot of cold water. That's funny.

      Thanks for all that.

  3. I had my durn cell phone on "do not disturb" for months. Didn't even know there was such a thing...just thought it was dying. Even now, it somehow gets switched to "do not disturb" or the sound gets shut off without me realizing it.

    Oh, and I did once overheat my heating system to the point of being on fire because I forgot to turn the gas backup on (it was a super-efficient ground water heat extraction system, but not super efficient enough to keep the house warm through 10 days of -15 temps...that was not fun. Me and a newborn in a freezing house filled with smoke. Fortunately, the firefighters were fabulous. After I had called around trying to find an emergency furnace repair guy to no avail, the chief would not leave me alone in the house until he was satisfied someone was coming. He called one of the repairmen who turned me down and demanded he get his butt out there ASAP.

    1. Sue,
      I have never heard of "do not disturb" either. Somehow, my phone gets "on vibrate" nd wonder why it never rings. The phone techs kept fixing it. Finally, I made one of them show me.

      That sounds scary with a house filled with smoke and a newborn in a freezing house then all the smoke. Men do listen to other men. I need to hire one to straighten out the plumbers since I still have no water!. My readers are interesting and tell me interesting stories. Thanks.

  4. LOL! i suffer from ocd for this very goes the other direction for me too. think i turned it off but it is still on...ack...ocd over load!

  5. I have a terrible time with turning on the wrong burner on the stove and not realizing it until I see the empty burner glowing red.

    It's especially bad when you have a pyrex dish on the burner... best to trip the circuit breaker in that case, if you can before it explodes.

  6. I would be happy if it stayed at 24. It hit 33 today and felt like a heat wave. Its been in the negative numbers for a while here. YUCK!


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