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Monday, December 2, 2013

Yummy Bargains; Walmart Cheated Me


No Salt is my choice

This was a good day for coupons, bargains, and yummy things to eat.

$2.98 Hershey's Cocoa
$1.98 Hershey's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
$4.88 Wonderful Pistachios

$3.00 coupon for Hershey's
$1.00 coupon for Hershey's
One free Wonderful Pistachios up to $5.00

9 % Tax:

Total spent:



Percent saved:

Lest you think I manipulated this high percentage saved by only using high-value coupons and buying only these products, you are wrong about my motive. I was totally broke, searched my coupons and figured I could get nuts and chocolate for just a little bit. This was desperation, not manipulation. Sometimes, we need a lift. This was it--pistachios and chocolate chips. I sat in the store, figuring just what I could get with less than $2 I had in my purse.

Then, there were the dehydrated bananas that I ate with the chocolate chips. So, I did not feel so poor or lacking in treats. The Hershey's Cocoa will provide future treats.

No, I don't know where I got these coupons.

By the way, I just noticed I was shorted. The one coupon was for $3 and the other for $5.  However, Walmart only gave me credit for $2.98 on one coupon and $4.88 on the other. When the cashier tells me that is how Walmart does it, I have an answer. "Walmart will give me less credit than the coupon, so you have to change the price on the coupon."

"Oh, you are not supposed to do that? Then, I will call the manufacturer and tell them you are turning in coupons for amounts you did not actually credit to the customer."

At that point, the cashier calls someone and I repeat my threat. Then, the coupon amount is adjusted. I was charged 14 cents more than I should have to pay. And, Walmart just profited $0.14. I lose; WM wins!  Sure, it is only a small amount, but let's see what happens if WM does this 1000 times each day. (It happened 2 times with me this day.) That is $140 from one store in one day! You know this happens more than 1000 times each day. Even if it does not, WM unjustly profited while denying me that money the coupon promised. Walmart took money and was dishonest.

Sometimes, I feel petty when I am annoyed over small sums of money. But, WM has no compunctions about their being petty and denying me the value of the coupon they will collect.

UPDATE: I was wrong about the $5 coupon. It said "up to $5, so WM was right to give me credit for only $4.88. Yes, I will ask for my 2 cents when I have a reason to be at the customer service desk.
Your turn
Have you ever schemed to find a way to get yourself a treat when you were totally broke? Have you ever been shorted on a coupon? Did you ever think WM was profiting unjustly? Do you believe I will take my receipt back in and get my $0.14? (Okay, now it is $0.02.) Never bet against me!


  1. Not unless you had a reason to go back to Walmart. Will cost more to start your car for the trip. I usually don't find mistakes until I get home and it is so little I do not go back as I am 30 miles away from the nearest Walmart store and I try to avoid that place. We now have a Piggly Wiggly and Dollar General within 4 miles of me. I pick up all the little things I need at these two places which isn't much food wise. We now grow most of ours.

    1. Mamma Bear,
      I will not go to get my 2 cents until I have a reason to go to the customer service desk. I only have to drive four miles, but I would not drive there for 2 cents.

      I think it is wonderful that you grow so much of your own food. I have a question to ask you, but could not find an email address for you. Can you email me?

  2. Coupons are not big here - but I will most definitely argue for full value. In everything.
    And we all need treats. Often.

    1. EC,
      I here that AU is not big on coupons. I am not sure whether that is good or bad. Yeah, treats often!

  3. I won't go to Wal-Mart. The amount of money the Walton family makes off their employees' backs is sickening.


    1. Janie,
      I cannot afford to protest by not shopping there. I get the best value for my money. You are correct about WM wrongly making money at the expense of employees.

    2. I haunt the BOGO section at Publix and watch for bargains at Target.

    3. I do the same in the few other groceries or dept stores. I make a round of sale shelves and bins.

  4. I am not a fan of Wal-Mart and even though they are close to me I only go there if I absolutely can't get it anywhere else. (like fabric dye) I understand that you need the electric carts. I like Target and do much of my shopping there. Our Target has nearly everything that I need and I don't leave there feeling like I have been beaten up. If you need to make a return at WM they treat you as if you are trying to pull a fast one.

    I will also go back with my receipt and request an adjustment but probably not for 2c. I also go back and try to make adjustments if I am charged too little. As an example recently someone else's greeting cards were packed in my order ....I decided to keep them but when I tried to go back and pay they just didn't know how to handle the transaction. This has happened more than once. Other times it was a package of strawberries and once a 3 pack of baby socks. I think I am probably under charged as often as overcharged! After all my years in the grocery business I am usually very alert in the check stand. One thing they do here is they quite often forget to credit me for my grocery bags. Many stores credit a customer 5c a bag!....that adds up!

    1. Janet,
      I, too, have taken back merchandise I did not pay for. They asked me why I did not just keep it since I had it.

      Oh, I would want the credit for having bag! I will point out the 2 cent problem when I am actually getting more money back for a refund or another mistake!

      I have only been in Target twice. It is about 25 miles from me in a town where I only go to visit the obgyn. Then, I am in no mood to shop, just wanting to go home.

  5. Oh, Linda, I needed another reason to black list that store. lol

    1. Sue,
      I cannot black list them just yet, but I just watch them closely! The employees are resigned to the fact that I will get my way if I am right.

  6. Recently I got cheated $7.56 buying fabric but held my guns until it was corrected to the PENNY. Embarrassing? Not for me but the crowd of fabric buyers waiting in line. You really have to be on your toes, I've found, dealing with Walmart. I rarely go there - I hate the place; too many goof ups there in the past. Ha, so much to say about that overbearing place, I just must vent and do a post on my own blog...LOL, possibly it should be a book, considering the memories/nightmares flooding back at this moment.

    I stand up for my PENNIES too.
    Happy to find your blog and will be by often.

    1. Sissy,
      They have an electric cart for me to use. I have been in kmart six times in the last two weeks, twice in one day, and one of their two carts is not usable and the other is in use. So, it is hard to even try to shop elsewhere.

  7. Here at our Walmart, they will write in the price on the coupon that they are taking off if it is a coupon for "up to $XX off". I think they must have heard complaints like yours so often. I hate shopping at walmart, but it a necessary evil in our town. We have Walmart, Aldi and Kroger as our grocery stores and when you have to watch your pennies, unfortunately you have to go there at times. I hate using coupons there though. They recently got a new computer system that won't take half the coupons, then they have to key them in, the n a supervisor has to come over and unlock the drawer, etc. I try to match coupons with sales at Kroger when I can as our Kroger still doubles coupons up to $1. It is so hard though when you have to pinch your pennies.

    1. I don't mind if the coupon has a blank space to write it because that is the way it is done. I thought Kroger quit doubling coupons. Pinching pennies makes it difficult to go elsewhere. I cannot shop in our new Aldi's because there is no cart for me. Kroger is 50 miles away. I love Kroger!

    2. The Kroger here in our town still doubles coupons that are up to 0.99. I am sure that will end soon, as the stores in the west part of our state stopped doubling a couple of months ago.


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