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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Cutie


This outfit is so cute. It could be cheaply made! This little girl was prancing around setting all the ruffles in a shimmy. She was so friendly when I talked with her, but she became shy for the picture.
Little brother was laughing, waving, squealing, bouncing in his seat, trying to get my attention. He, too, became quiet when I turned the camera his way.

Your turn
Do you or did you go all out dressing your children, especially the girls, in Christmas outfits. Did you, like me, make their Christmasy outfits?
Giveaway information is in the post right before this.


  1. I can't sew, but my mother used to make matching dresses for the five of us. We hated going out dressed all the same.


  2. She is simply gorgeous. No Christmas outfits here - for which I am thankful. Some of the outfits my mother made for me make me cringe still - decades later.

    1. EC,
      My girls loved the outfits I made or bought for them. After my son turned four, he was definitely against Christmasy outfits.

  3. Cute kids!

    We never really dressed our kids up for holidays or anything else. They're all boys and didn't really seem to care or want to dress up. Still don't.

    Thanks for your comments and personal experience you shared regarding Asperger's over at my place! Interesting. There really is a whole gamut of behaviors and I sometimes wonder what is the Asperger's expressing itself and what's something else.

    1. Abby,
      With four boys you probably were better off buying pretty tablecloths or Four boys would form a bond against celebratory clothing.

      I was hoping I did not offend you. I really do think she was reared with a sense of entitlement because of her problems--seizures and the Asperger's. among other things.

  4. I was never dressed in holiday outfits (outside of the obvious Halloween).

    BTW, I created a new blog (one that my ex doesn't know about). It's always a guessing game, but *fingers crossed* I keep it going.

    TLC.. formerly ADoseofTLC

    1. TLC,
      I made outfits for anything, and mostly my children went along, especially the girls.

      Good, I would hate for you to have to give up a blog forever because of his harassment. I will check it out. Thanks for telling me. I have been wishing you would continue blogging.

  5. Adorable! Alas, my days of making cute Christmas outfits are over. :(

    I also wanted to let you know that I've just published my homesteading book! I'm so excited that I want to tell the whole world! Do come by my blog if you get the chance and help me celebrate. Plus, I'm doing a book giveaway!

    1. Leigh,
      I am afraid I will not be making many Christmas outfits I the future. I will come by your blog. That must be exciting to publish a book.

  6. Both children are adorable but the Christmas outfit is not something I would have dressed my daughter in. When my daughter was little I leaned toward a more classic style. but in her teens she went totally "punk" you know black hair and nails but as a little girl she wore Mary Janes, dresses and pinafores!

  7. Janet,
    Oh, I did the classic thing too, plus overalls and plaid flannel shirts, Christmas things during the season, just all sorts of styles. My daughters are a little older than the Goth and punk. They were more into the classic style then!

    My daughter liked to wear dresses I made her. But, the school said shorts had to be worn under dresses so boys would not look and see panties. Idiot principal! So, I made panties that matched the dresses with a ruffle at the leg. He tried to give me grief over that and I listed all the little girls in short shorts that revealed more than elastic leg panties. oh, the word "panties" upset him. I told him she had on panties underneath! That the ones she had on were on top of panties. I have never seen a principal who was so interested in a first graders dress style and panties. one day, he told me her shorts were too sexy when she wore shorts and a top instead of a dress.


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