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Monday, December 16, 2013

Update: Almost Free Batteries for All Your Christmas Needs

8 AA and 8 AAA

Peelie for $10 Walmart gift card
$13.69-$10.00=$3.69 for 16 batteries
If I had kept the Energizer coupon I gave away to a friend who buys for a food bank, I would have paid even less than $3.69 for 16 batteries. Okay, I paid $13.69 today, but I will get $10 of that back as a gift card. That is three gallons of milk. Can I say 6 weeks of free milk? Sure, I can.
This deal is only at Walmart. But, each address can get four (4) gift cards. I may know what I will give older grandchildren for birthdays this year--batteries. Yes, I would do that--socks and batteries.
Find your Energizer coupons, figure out what sizes you need, and roll on down to Walmart for a money saving deal. Peelies are good on C, D, and others that I cannot remember. I've tossed the peelies. Sorry.
Hurry,  because this may end on December 31, 2013. Not true. look below. Sorry, I tossed the peelie. Even without a coupon, this is still an awesome deal.
Update on Deadline  and size batteries:
The deadline for entering codes is 8/14/14. Sizes eligible are "AA/AAA--8, C/D--4, 9V--2 or any combination of the above sizes." You must buy two packs.
I did see the peelie on packages of AAA-16, so I suppose it is eligible, too. If the peelie is there, I would think the peelie code would work. This deal is for people 18, (19+  in AL and NE residents.) It appears this deal is also in Sam's Club.
Your turn
Do you have a Walmart near you? Would you shop Walmart to get this deal? Do you, children, grandchildren or family use lots of batteries? Come on back here and tell me what your batteries cost using this deal. 


  1. Wow. No Walmart here - and I use the $ shops (also known as crap shops) for batteries. They are very, very expensive here in main stream shops.

  2. EC,
    Well, there goes your chance for cheap, excellent batteries. I have had some of those cheap batteries from here. In the long run, in my opinion, the cost for use is still the same. I do have more information that I will post in a bit.

  3. You are an amazingly frugal shopper! We do use a lot of batteries...cameras and Wii controllers use the most. I've learned to use lithium for my camera as they last much longer than regular. I must keep an eye out for this deal.

  4. Sue,
    Remember, it is only at Walmart of Sam's Club. Even with all the frugality I can muster, my money does not stretch far enough. These batteries have a ten-year shelf life. This is not the battery life IN the device being powered. I hope you find the bargain. Do you have Walmart where you live?

    The batteries may not have the peelies affixed all the way to Aug 2014.

  5. Thanks for this info, Linda! I only go to Walmart once in a while because it's outside town, but if I do make it there, I'll be sure to stock up. I go through AA batteries like crazy because I love my Discman.

    Batteries are a great Christmas present! One of my younger brothers used to give me batteries and Pepsi almost every year. (I also go through Pepsi like crazy--it's my one out-of-control vice!) I still smile when I think of the Pepsi under the tree on Christmas morning because he always wrapped it in a way that it was immediately obvious that it was a 2-liter bottle! His presents always got used, though!


  6. Jess,
    It looks like $40 would make it worth the trip to Walmart.

    That is a wonderful memory. I smiled as I read the story of Pepsi and batteries on Christmas morning. It was good for you and good for him--you got supplies; he was successful in picking out a gift. I have a friend who knows he will get another Alabama tshirt for Christmas. Those kinds of traditions we make smiles years later. Thanks for sharing that memory.


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