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Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Christmas List + link

A ten-month-old wrote a very honest list: HERE.

From a tent to a house. How much would you sacrifice?


  1. Love that baby's list. So much truth.
    I have no positive memories of tents. We went on camping holidays when I was a child and I remember acute boredom (we camped beside disused mines so my father could poke around). I had strict instructions that I was not to go anywhere near the mines.
    And there were no services, no running water, no other children. And no fun.

  2. EC,
    just would hate to camp. I don't think I have ever been camping. No ac, lots of bugs--nothing there to tempt me to live in a tent!!

  3. I like the baby's list. I admire the people for changing their lives and how they spend their money, but I cannot and will not live in a tent. A cardboard box, maybe, but not a tent.


    1. Janie,
      Yeah, the tent is not on my radar, not even on things I want to do for a vacation or for one night. At least the cardboard box could go over a heat vent.


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