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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Auburn Tigers Freeze Thermal Beanie - Orange

I am not a football fan at all. I am an Auburn fan. While I hate watching games, this had a thrilling end. Exbf graduated from Auburn and my son is a rabid Auburn fan who roots for whoever plays Alabama.

In case you have not heard, here is the article explaining what I barely understand. The guy ran over 100 yards for the winning touchdown. It says so. I know enough to be impressed that he ran with four Auburn players protecting him, one running backward as the made the run for the touchdown. No one got near him. And, the radio announcer is here. 

Although I want nothing to do with the game, I love to shop during the Iron Bowl. The streets look like Christmas Day, empty! The stores are easy to shop. Four electric carts had been abandoned within a few minutes of my getting to Walmart. Usually, there are none in the afternoon on Saturday. People hurried home to watch the Iron Bowl.

I accidentally wore a red coat and red and white scarf, not thinking I would look like an Alabama fan. I stopped to admire a little girl's pink and black outfit before the game ended. The little girl, about six-years-old, looked at me and said with no aggression or elation, no affect at all, "War Eagle." I grabbed my scarf with one hand and gave her a thumbs up with the other, apologizing for wearing red and white. That little girl thought she was facing an Alabama fan and was standing her ground. She and her mother were amused at my consternation about being caught in Alabama colors during the Iron Bowl.

So, my son in Texas is smiling. Exbf was so excited he could barely talk. People say this is the fiercest rivalry in college football. Southerners do like their football. I like it when my son's team and exbf's school wins. I hate football.

Your turn
Were you rooting for Alabama or Auburn? It is the only game in my head.

When Auburn wins, Alabama chalks it up to luck. When Alabama wins, Alabama is the greatest team!


  1. I'm not a fan either, although I live in a fan town (the U of O Oregon Ducks), but everyone knows of Auburn and Michigan because they have the best paid coaches of all.

    1. Snowbrush,
      I did not know that about Auburn! Thanks for adding to my football knowledge without making my head hurt.


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