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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Drop Smidgen Pinch Dash Tad

ready for the old recipes
I got these from the Mennonite store for half of what they are on the Internet. The set of measuring spoons are my gift to me, using a store credit.
Tad- 1/2 tsp
Dash- 1/8 tsp
Pinch- 1/16 tsp
Smidgen- 1/32 tsp
Drop- 1/64 tsp
Your turn
Do you have old recipe books with these types of measurements? If so, do you use a conversion table? Have you ever seen these spoons anywhere?


  1. I was given a set, though not as elegant as yours, for Christmas a few years ago. And cherish them. And mine has a bigger spoon attached - a dollop.

    1. EC,
      NOW I want a dollop spoon! I don't know how elegant these are, just the only ones I have ever seen. I certainly do cherish these. The low price thrilled me. These would make a nice gift. Will you email a picture of yours to me? Thanks.

    2. Linda: I feel like an idiot. I tracked down my spoon to take a photo for you - and the dollop spoon is not on it! I have hunted (in case it came loose) and cannot find it. I am sure I didn't imagine it. And am v peeved at its absence.
      The remaining spoons say Smidgeon, Pinch and Dash. I want my Dollop.

    3. EC,
      Bummer. Now, think. Who was the last person who was smitten with that dollor spoon? And, where did Tad go? Yes, I want dollop to reappear, too. Now, you will be tearing up the house. Just send a picture of the other spoons because I want to see the style. Ot

  2. I haven't seen set like that but I do have a cookbook with instructions on how to cook BEAR and BEAVER (it says that " it is much like that of the muskrat") It also includes instructions on preparing POSSUM and RACCOON along with other delicacies!!! (Meta Givens, Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking ) I can't vouch for any of these recipes.

  3. Janet,
    I laughed until I coughed and choked at "cook. . . like muskrat." Okey dokey, just like the muskrat I cooked last We expect you to go get a beaver and eat it after you cook it. Let us know if it is tasty, tender, easy to cook.

    That sounds like a wonderful book to read if not to cook from. Thanks for sharing that little tidbit.

  4. I had a neighbor email me her family's recipe for home canned tomato soup. It had measurements like "a bunch of " celery, a "braid" of onions, and the one that had me puzzled "cube " of butter. I had to track her down on her cell phone to clarify that! Then, the directions for processing were hilarious...merely "process." I did some research yo figure out how to process it (must be pressure canned.) Her family had used this recipe for so long, she needed no further directions! (And she scofffed the USDA claim it might nit be safe due to the butter. It's delicious soup, by the way.)

    1. Meg B.,
      I would have put in the whole head of celery or just half, depending on how it looked. "Braid" of onion sounds like 6-8 onions, depending on the size of onions or maybe a dozen. The cube of butter would be to cut enough of the stick that you used a piece shaped like a cube.

      Of course, if I were making enough to can I would probably use the whole head and a dozen onions. Plus, it would be awful to can something and open it later to find that you put too little of something.

      I, too, scoff at the USDA but go ahead and process things like the new recommendations suggest.

      I am getting hungry just reading the words. I think my pizza may be done, my dollar pizza. Thanks for the story.

  5. LOL my grandmother recipes all say dash, pinch, smidgen on them.

    1. J,
      Well, now you know. I never thought of it before now, but I never even thought of it until now.

  6. Oh! Those are awesome measuring spoons. I love them. What a great find. I think I would have paid full price to get a set of those even though none of the recipes I use ask for those measurements. :-)

    1. Sue,
      If you look at the conversion chart, you will see you can use the spoons to make a more correct conversion when you divide or multiply a recipe.

      Plus, if you are formulating a new recipe, the spoons will help you to add an amount instead of giving the cinnamon, for example, a shake. Go to NorPro.


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