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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Conversations Over Time

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On Friday I was out of milk and went to Walmart to save a bit of money and use a few coupons while I was there. The store was busy but I finally found a lane with only one customer who had about 10 items. Twenty minutes later, I was slipping into a coma as I sat waiting.

Consequently, I kept all coupons safely in my pocket until I had gotten my change!!!! sigh sigh sigh. I would have had to wait another thirty minutes to rectify the mistake at customer service with all the Christmas returns.. I was in no mood plus exbf was sitting on a bench somewhere wondering if I died (I suppose).

Later that night, I went back to cash in the coupons. Even later, I made a purchase and had lost one of the coupons, the one for toothpaste. The woman behind me and the one behind her both searched for a coupon to give me. They heard what I was doing and tried in vain to find a coupon for me. We struck up a conversation and soon the second woman in line said, "I know you." Trying to get my aging brain in order and not embarrass either the woman or me, I struggled to search her face for anything that I recognized. Nope, not there. "Your name is Linda?" She was certain, but still asked me.

Help me. What is your name?


Color me stunned. I am so sorry. How do we know each other. Sorry, I cannot place you,  just my age, you know."

"In the early 1980's we were in sewing class together. You taught me all about coupons."

I struggled to remember her. I do remember coupon conversations at school where I was the "expert" (I knew little, just a bit more than she) and most people never used coupons. Yes, this was a multi week conversation, sharing more of what I knew. Now, this woman was there with a dil who went beyond what Linda, her mil,  did.

We talked for way too long, but they had lots of groceries, up to the top of the cart. The other Linda must have been a very young woman because I took that class about techniques for making lingerie in 1982. Okay, I was a very young woman, but not that young. The class taught me nothing because it was a front for a sewing machine shop owned by the teacher's husband. At any rate, I switched from home sewing to commercial sewing and learned to use commercial machines, finally buying two. I learned to sew when I was four, so learning to sew was never the object of those classes. I digress.

A conversation over thirty-years ago led to a Friday night conversation.

Then, that led to a little mental math teaching from me; You know I cannot stop this?

And, we both wanted to exchange phone numbers and did.

I came home and cut coupons from 75 coupon inserts that exbf left me on Friday. Whew!

Your turn
Have you ever had such a stunning encounter where you had lasting influence over something seemingly inconsequential? Okay, I was stunned that she remembered my name, where we met, and something I showed her and still used coupons due to our conversation. Do these occasions cause you to realize that some moments are lasting?


  1. What a fun encounter! And yes it certainly does make you think about how long lasting a moment can be.

    1. Janet,
      That very long-lasting quality is one reason I try not to do wrong. I know it sounds corny, but I try my best not to be a bad influence, but I probably fail many times.

  2. How lovely. Something that had escaped your mind - and yet had a lasting, and positive, influence. We never know just how (or which of) our seeds will grow do we?

    1. EC,
      The conversations with her were all so inconsequential to me. But, she took it all to heart. It's good she recounted a positive influence I had. No, we never know what will grow. I am still astonished at the encounters she remembered.

  3. That's really cool. When I lived in Maryland, sometimes I would run into students I had tutored in writing. They were always surprised when I remembered the topic of their papers.


    1. Janie,
      That experience with your remembering the topic a paper made them feel like you cared, that it was not a job to you. I am quite sure you did care, but most students think the person teaching or tutoring or helping them forgets the whole encounter.

  4. I've never had a situation like that, but people do remember me. I'm very short (4'10") and my appearance hasn't changed a lot over the years. I had long dark hair when I started grade school, and I've never cut it. Add a very distinctive, high-pitched voice, and people tend to remember my name even if they would prefer to forget me. ;)

    That's great that you taught her something that stuck with her and that has probably saved her quite a bit of money over the years!

    1. jessnhalinda,

      Your height, long hair, high voice--that would forever imbed you in my mind. Yes, she said she had saved lots of money because of me. And, she taught it to her dil.


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