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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Subsidize the Rich

(M) It pisses us off too. 

Thanks to @[281168802721:274:Political Loudmouth] for sharing this.


  1. Absolutely. And it really, really pisses me off when the Government (rich) shafts the poor to give yet more subsidies and assistance to the well off. Who frequently pay a much smaller proportion of their income in tax than I do.

  2. EC,
    The government is controlled by business. Government just allows us the feel as though we matter by letting us vote. I think for the first time that business has beat the citizens. Big businesses can pay low wages because food stamps and other program help the working poor. If business paid more, then their profit would be slightly less. Those tax loopholes are corporate welfare and business think they are entitlements. Hmmm, just what poor are accused of getting.

    Is the post the latest one on my blog? Blogger shows it was posted in 2013. But, it posts your comment on 1-2-14, the correct date that I posted.

  3. I didn't see it before today, but it does show that it was posted on 31/12. Sigh.
    And we don't have food stamps. And it is hard to get on any of the government programs which are designed for the working poor. On the other hand our current Prime Minister is trying hard to introduce a program which will pay twelve months maternity leave, at full salary, for women who are earning up to $150,000 a year. NOT poor in my book.

    1. EC,
      Actually, I posted that just a few hours ago, not on the 31st;

      I know a guy in AU whose son has never hit a lick (worked) and got unemployment. Here, a person has to work to get unemployment when he or she is not working.

      Oh, but the people making that amount have more bills than you or I.


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