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Monday, December 30, 2013

Office Max Deal: Six Free Scotch Tape Rolls


Sunday, I used more points of the $40 I earned by recycling cartridges and toners. Before Christmas, I also bought batteries for something like $16.95 to earn another $16.95 to spend.  I still have that amount in place.

Since I have been out of Scotch tape since just before Christmas, Scotch tape was my goal today. I "paid" $17.43 in my OM credits. I have refilled my dispenser with one pack, put three rolls in the supply drawer in the file cabinet, put aside two for my daughter.

Hopefully my g-daughter has outgrown her fascination with Scotch tape and these will last for a bit. My four tapes will surely last until this time next year or beyond.  When my daughter complained her daughter had used all of the tape just playing, I did not offer to replace it because I had no free or really cheap tape. If the daughter must replace it, she will be more likely to enforce what she says--Leave the tape alone; don't play with it.

When I received my receipt, the clerk circled a deal for me. I will receive $5 off my next $25 transaction. Yay for deals at OM. Now, I need to watch Office Max ads and coupons I can use there. Hopefully, OM takes coupons. I don't remember. At any rate, there should be something I need, not want, that is reduced.
Buying gifts is an idea. I have two birthdays in April, one in May, and another in July, one in September, one in November, and there is Christmas. Maybe my printer will need ink. Maybe the $5 with a $25 transaction has a date by which I must use the coupon. The terms and the printable coupon will be emailed to me tomorrow.

Here is the Office Max coupon policy.

Your turn
Do you recycle cartridges and toners at OM? Maybe it is not in your area? Did anyone buy the batteries last year where you received the purchase amount to use this year?


  1. That looks like an excellent deal.
    No Office Max on this side of the pond.

    1. EC,
      Thanks. I try hard, a good thing since I have little money. That's too bad there is no OM there. Do you have any other office supply type store that has the same type programs?

  2. I haven't been able to afford a printer or cartridges so I haven't recycled. But I've shopped clearance sections at OM plenty of times to buy gifts!

    1. Alex,
      I don't need cartridges because the Kodak printer I got there two years ago will not work! I get cartridges from yard sale printers. If the cartridge is work $2 recycled and there are two cartridges, buying the printer for $2 is worth hauling away. My friend with a home office used my OM extra card to buy her supplies. That racked up my purchases. My purchases that were sale items also racked up what my purchase total was. You have to purchase something during the year to use the cartridge recycling points you accumulate. They make it harder and less profitable to use the recycling program.

      I have used my points for one quarter to get dirt-cheap school supplies for my grandchildren, for Christmas Child boxes, and to give to needy people/friends.

      So, you don't have to own a printer or buy cartridges. Just think, your gifts could be free.


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