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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Patsy Cline Goes for a Ride

going for a ride

Patsy Cline has never been in this cage. She has never gone for a ride. Well, she came home in a box when she was ripped from her chicken family. That does not count.
I took the cage and pulled it to the pen. I opened the pen about ten inches and blocked the door with the wagon and cage. Then, I opened the cage and dropped oats into the cage, hoping she would jump in to get oats. Well, she saw the oats fall and rushed over. However, she looked under the wagon, very confused, looking here and there for the oats she saw fall.
She would then come from under the cage and back into the pen, looking at me quizzically. Okay, after a dozen sprinkles of oats, she was still not getting that the oats were in the pen. Thelma watched warily from a distance.  
Finally, I caught her and put her in the cage. Thelma became more wary. So, I gave up on catching her and told her about the adventure awaiting Patsy Cline.
Patsy Cline had to wait in the car in the cage while I went into the house for a moment. When I came back, she was checking out the floor best she could. She looked at me, the console, the plastic I had under her, just everything. I was much amused.
Hoping Patsy Cline would not be fearful, I drove carefully so not to throw her around the cage. She squatted for a while and finally just sat down. Then, she got up and started looking out the window. She did not appear to be wary of things flying by. She looked interested.
After her adventure which I can only tell you next Saturday, I decided to let her go along for some short chores and stops. She pecked on oats and her apple.
I think I will take them for a ride more often. I stopped for a dollar hamburger. The order taker and the woman at the window were quite amused, laughing because I had a chicken in the car. Then, people laughed harder when they heard her name.
By the way, chicken poop smells awful after two hours being closed up in the car. Ewww!
Your turn
Do you ever take your chickens for a ride for anything? Do they seem to enjoy it and look around? 


  1. How did Patsy get her name? We never named our chickens. Probably was good, cause one day we came home for church and every last one was dead with one bite take out of each abdomen. Later that week we saw a fox running along the fence. We attributed the deaths to him/her.

  2. I just needed a girl name and this occurred to me. I name all my chickens--Thelma and Louise, Fancy, Pepper, etc. Can you email me? I cannot find an email for you. Thanks.

    I would think that was a raccoon that killed like that. I believe foxes would have carried them off. Maybe not. I can mourn the loss by name since they have a name. However, the naming thing would not cause me to feel bad about eating one if I were slaughtering chickens.

  3. Well, as you know I don't have chickens. Occasionally the dogs go out with me. At the Walgreen's drive-through they get biscuits, which thrills them. A biscuit handed through the window of the car and eaten in the backseat tastes so much better than a regular biscuit at home.


    1. Janie,
      Walgreen's gives dog biscuits? I can imagine that it would be better than an identical one at My friend's dog knows when they are getting near the dog park and gets excited. Do your dogs know when they are bear Walgreen's or in the line to get a biscuit and get excited?

    2. They always know where we are. If it's the vet's office, they hang their heads and Harper tries to avoid going through the door.

    3. I remember when my youngest child was about six-months-old. She would sit in her carseat and know where we were. Of course, she could not talk, but she did get excited and point where to turn. If I went the "wrong" way, she became sad or just looked confused.

    4. My second child, oldest girl, would just scream when she figured out the route led to the doctor's office. I never thought that she was even aware when she was so young. But, animals and babies know more than we imagine.

  4. My wife took one of our chihuahuas along, when she went to town. After making a stop at Sonic, where the waitress fawned over the dog, my wife treated the dog with a french fry, since she was so well behaved.

    About a month later, my wife was sitting in her recliner watching television, and eating supper. The dog sat for a long time just watching, but soon jumped onto the chair, swiped a french fry and ran to a corner of the room to eat her prize.

    The only way I can describe her expression is indignity. She felt special during her trip, was a good dog on this occasion, too, and held on as long as she could. She felt she deserved the french fry and we could only laugh at her lack of obedience.

    So, watch your french fries.

    1. LOL...funny story. My hens don't like French fries. Of course, they only get cold ones, so I don't blame them. Good behavior should occasionally be rewarded with a nice, warm French fry.

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  6. Well I can't imagine why you can't tell until next Saturday.... In fact I wonder if I even read your message correctly. In mulling over you message I have decided that your town (or Walmart?...Sears?...Park and Recreation?? church? vet clinic? ) may have offered a take a photo of a pet owner and their pets with Santa opportunity and you decided to take the girls in for a photo shoot. Other than that wacky thought I am clueless as to why you might take a chicken for a ride.

    Many years ago we had a cat that LOVED to take a ride. She would jump in the car, do a once around peering out each of the windows then settle down in a comfy spot and loudly purr for as long as the trip lasted. I also had a dog that was impossible to catch if she got out of the dog run.... unless you got into the van and then called to her. At that point she would come running and could be captured easily. Pets really are funny aren't they?

    PS my deletion of my previous message was just to erase a spelling error

  7. Janet,
    You read it correctly.

    We had a dog that only needed to see a door open, and she bounded right in, even if we were not trying to catch her. We had to fight her to get her out of the car if we were trying to catch her or just go somewhere!

    Animals, pets or not are funny. You are welcome to guess some

  8. I take my kids for a ride, that's the closest I've got to chickens, does that count?

    1. LL Cool Joe,
      Sure. Are they well-behaved? You do not put them in a cage, do you?

  9. I've taken chickens in the car only because they are going to an event. The summer before last I had two of them in a dog crate in the back of the car as I took them to and from a special urban farming event. I had these two hens at the event all day long. One started getting quite agitated and I thought it was because she wanted to find a quiet place to lay. At the end of the day I loaded the hens back into the car and started home. At one stop sign I thought I heard something rolling when I accelerated, so I pulled over to check on them. Sure enough, the one hen had laid an egg while traveling in the dog crate. I guess she just couldn't hold it any longer!

    1. Linda,
      I can imagine how she was anxious to lay. Apparently, the car had to work for her. Several days, when they had to sleep in a cage inside the back door because of raccoons about, I came in to find one or two of the three hens in the cage had to lay an egg in very crowded conditions with little privacy at all.

      When you gotta, you gotta.

  10. Bahahah! I think that is so funny! Sometimes I feel like bringing one of my cats. I used to do it more often when picking up my kids at school. Their classmates would point and look...


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