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Saturday, July 6, 2013

What A Deal!

zip ties galore

One day, about three years ago I found two 4'x8' pieces of dark green,  free plastic lattice on the side of the road in a junkpile. I pulled the Malibu over and fought the lattice from under trash. I got both pieces sort of stuck in the trunk of my car, put some thing like a gallon of antifreeze on top of it. That did not work! So, I put them on top of the car and held them on with one hand! Then, I drove about 4 mph home, three miles through city streets, downtown, and on two major highways. Yes, it was a busy time between the trash and home. I was rescuing $50 worth of lattice.

I have used various methods to try to attach it to the side of the hens' pen, a dog pen that has 10 foot wide sides that are 6 feet high. The lattice sags and I try again. Finally, I decided that zip ties held the answer.  I fancy that I am camouflaging the chain link, spiffing it up, adding a little class. I am oh, so deluded. But, I persevere in that mindset. Indulge me. It is pretty.

At Lowe's last week, I purchased 11" zip ties, 20 for about $3. That made 10 ties for each piece of lattice. The lattice needs to be secured all the way down because the wind blows it and leaves accumulate behind the lattice near the ground. The protruding lattice interferes with lawn care and might be broken by a lawn mower or rake. Overall, I had a good idea but executed it poorly. So, the day came when I purchased zip ties.

Several days later I was in Kmart. There on the shelf marked $2, was a container of various sizes of zip ties. Hooray for me!


There are about:
75 7.5-inch black ones,
75 4-inch blue,
75 4-inch green,
75 4-inch white,
75 4-inch red.
Also are a half dozen 7.5-inch white ones.
Then, 25 white, 7.5-inch ones did not make it into the photo.

According to the canister of nylon cable ties aka zip ties, there are 650 ties in the container:
400 assorted 4 inch cable ties (18 lbs. tensile strength);
150 lbs. natural 7.5 inch cable ties (50 lbs. tensile strength);
100 natural, 4-inch cable ties (18 lb. tensile strength).
I see no natural anything unless that is white.  Yes, white=natural. 

There are about 500 zip ties in the container.

On the canister is a sale sticker--$9.99. I looked on the Kmart site and the price there is $8.69. No matter--I got a good deal.

The canister zip ties seem not as thick as the more expensive ones. However, I doubt I will ever need these for anything that needs gorilla-strength holding power. The little ridges are on both sides of the cable and they are deeper than on the cheaper ones. Will that matter?
20 for $3

Lowe's will get these back and I will get a refund.

See what Kmart has reduced in your area. They just finished inventory last week, so they have various items on sale. Do you have a Kmart?

Your turn
Have you ever purchased an item at the going price and found something drastically reduced that will work? Do you take the more expensive item back to the store? Have you furnished your yard with curb shopping? What is the best yard find you have dragged home?


  1. I like Kmart. I always find good deals there. However the closest one is about 30-40 minutes away now

    1. Tonya,
      They do have some good deals. I will have to remember 4th of July and deals after inventory.

  2. These ties are also good for tidying up electrical cords.

    I identify with you in that I'm a scavenger. I just wish I had started earlier to find off-label uses for things. Fortunately, my father was a scavenger too, and he gave me a little start in that direction. There's a beauty to NOT doing things like everyone else does them, whether in the world of thought or the world of things, and I figure that where you have a person who does one, you probably have a person who does the others, and for that, I salute you.

    1. Snowbrush,
      I have identified with you and your thoughts. I am honored to have your salute. I do not do like everyone else in thought or things. This attitude has served me well sometimes, sometimes not. Thank you for the comment and compliment.

    2. Snowbrush,
      I was looking at the little ties and thinking they would be good for storing small cords or for holding bunches of cords together as they came from various items that were plugged in. I am glad to see you think cords would be well used for electrical cords.

  3. we grab up zip ties whenever we see a good price....they come in handy for so many things....and we use them a lot outside but we do use the zip ties that are uv resistant because we have used the others for outside stuff (in the garden etc) and had them fall apart quickly.

    1. I am glad you mentioned the uv resistant part. The expensive bag says for indoor or outdoor use. The plastic container does not say. I have thought of ways to use these outdoors, especially to repair a water hose nozzle. I will look it up on the internet--info on both brands and packages I bought. Thanks again.


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