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Friday, July 26, 2013

Chicken Greeters

Today, Charlie had to be in town, so he arranged to come by here and do some things for me. I have items he wants, so we trade his work for my stuff. It is hard to pin him down to a time. Today I got a hankering for soft serve ice cream for fifty-cents from Burger King.

He was here, waiting for me, sitting in the back yard in a chair. I stood and talked and notice Thelma and Patsy Cline were about 15 feet further back in the yard. I asked him if he had been visiting my hens. I was just teasing him. He said, as a matter of fact, he had. I was surprised and asked him, "Oh?"

It seems he sat down and they came around in front of him, stood around and "made noises." Exbf and I have sat there and fed them peanuts or other treats. I am surprised they approached a stranger for treats. I just had never thought to tell them not to talk to strangers. Patsy Cline obviously is taking her cues from Thelma. At least I have friendly, polite chickens, who can entertain company until I come home.

Charlie scrubbed my tub and scrubbed the bathroom floor. Yay! I feel human. I hurt myself trying to sweep it and get up all the crud. Charlie got on hands and knees and scrubbed the floor with a brush. It was shamefully filthy. Then, he drilled holes in all the vinegar bottles and one five-gallon bucket so I can plant. Yep, I have planted nothing.  He carried a huge box for me and brought in my garbage cans.

Once again, tonight I had to carry them to their pen. I am starting to think they enjoy the snuggle and ride. Tonight, Patsy Cline started sliding out of the towel as I carried them both. I was mostly carrying her by her neck when I realized it and grabbed her to hold her from underneath.

Your turn
Do your chickens come to greet people? Any of your animals greet people? Looking for treats?


  1. My dogs don't expect treats, but they definitely greet the people they know and give holy hell to strangers. Jehovah's Witnesses get big eyes and back away from the door. Then they depart quickly.


    1. Janie,
      Smart dogs. I wish my dog would have chased away the Jehovah's Witnesses. She just thought she was protecting us from the mail lady. The funny things is, my hens don't know Charlie. Well, he came one day three weeks ago.

  2. I take weeds to my chickens a couple times a day. (Presently they are confined to quarters.) They get so excited that they nearly strangle themselves trying to poke their heads trough the wire when they see me coming. :-)

    1. Sue,
      That is how Louise acted when she tried to get at Pepper last year. I did not know she could put that much of her head and neck through the wire without hurting herself. Of course, Pepper was doing the same thing on the opposite side, trying to get away. When my hens are confined, I have to carry weeds or greens to them.


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