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Friday, July 12, 2013

Chrissy, the $12 Hen

This is the best shot of Chrissy that I have, the brown hen near his foot. She knew she was being stalked. Now, she hides from me. This guy has lots of fowl. Below are shots I took as I walked around. He even has goats and peacocks.

He said all the fowl go to the proper cages at night. "They know where to go. They know where they sleep."

His wife built the structure in the background for goat fun.

Two ducks with birth defects live here, a male and female. The male cannot balance to do the deed. Thankfully, they do not reproduce, considering both might pass on undesirable traits. He does not destroy malformed animals that can survive. I thought that was really kind.

He said the peahen has laid and raised three sets? of eggs so far. She is on a huge mound in the middle of the yard that is not sheltered from sun or rain or predators. Can you see her?


  1. I am glad to meet Chrissy. Was that a name that you choose or was that already her name when you adopted her?

  2. Janet,
    I named her that on the way home from getting her from Chris. Simple and too quickly decided. As you know, I quickly changed her name.

  3. Hello, Chrissy! Her past owner does sound kind. And, no, I cannot see the setting hen. I can imagine where she is, but she's well camouflaged isn't she?

    1. I took the picture and could not figure out why I took the picture. Finally, not finding the picture of the setting peahen, I realized that dark place just above the center of the picture was her, the peahen.


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