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Friday, July 12, 2013

Crape myrtle

While I was getting my new hen, I passed this crape myrtle, the darkest red I have ever seen. Exbf was as impressed as I.

The picture does not do it justice.  Those highlights on the flowers did not exist.

I felt guilty, but I took two small limbs from the bottom to try and grow my own. I have many small pieces from the two limbs I got. They are in a jar of water in the kitchen window. Now, I wonder if I should have shoved the limbs down into a bucket of dirt. ???

Your turn
Have you ever seen these really dark red crape myrtles? Do you have a name for the variety?


  1. I have never seen a deep red crepe myrtle in my life. I wonder if it has something to do with the acidity or lack thereof of the soil it's planted in. Some flowers are affected such or is it a certain variety of myrtle? I'll have to go google that now.
    It's lovely though.....

  2. slugmama,
    I saw some of the same color about 4 years ago. My friend and I saw these everyday in the same yard. We wondered that, too. However, these were in a small town just south of me. At first exbf and I saw them on opposite corners of a street. I circled the block and saw several more, all on corners. There is a hardware store that sells seeds and a few plants in town in the midst of all the red ones. Maybe they know.

    I looked online and saw nothing that resembled the ones I saw yesterday. Even the dark reds were not dark enough to be the ones I saw. Maybe they don't photograph well.

    If you find them online, let me know.

  3. Just wondering if you ever found out the name of this crape myrtle variety. It's just what I am looking for....gorgeous! There are so many reds, but some of them are more pink then red. Thanks for any help.


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