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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Cannot Be Trusted!

Patsy Cline heard me coming out the back door and turned to look at me.
See how close to the door facing Thelma is?

Patsy Cline turns around to make her getaway.
"What is that woman doing with that red thing
that makes light?"
Thelma wonders, too.
I had kept them in the pen for five days solid. Now that I am allowing them out a portion of the day, they are wary of me. They no longer trust me. Their trust was always misplaced, but they fell for food and I could close the pen. Now, they decide to just ignore me. They do not respond to food so I can lock them up.
I went out for a bit today, and when I returned, they were sitting on the porch out of the pouring rain. I needed a nap so was highly encouraging them to come to the pen. Okay, I was luring them with food so I could lock them up. That did not work, so I brought out a huge bath towel, secure in my ability to scoop both up.

Here they are--trapped!
They are carried gently and like royalty.
I am holding them both and taking a picture. I don't mind picking them up with my bare hands, but they are wet and I am clean, ready for bed. Plus, I am allergic to feathers. Since I am already ill, I don't need to irritate my allergies.
How do I regain trust? Food by the back door works. Patsy Cline does not know about that since I have only fed her and Thelma in the pen since she arrived.
I am going to bed, I think. When I go to bed at 8 pm, my friends know I am ill.
Your turn
Do your animals become wary of you after being confined or otherwise disrupting the schedule they trust you to keep?


  1. Replies
    1. Katidids,
      I thought so, too, as I carried them. Then, when I saw the picture, I was all mushy inside.

  2. One thing I've learned about animals is that routine and predictability are my friends. Anything outside of that is suspicious! They also seem to be very forgiving, which is a good thing because they usually don't understand the whys of what we do!

    1. Leigh,
      Poor Thelma was so traumatized after the murder of Lucy and her own injury. Yes, they have no idea I am protecting them...sigh. It will take patience to get them back to their normalcy. but, this carrying them to bed every might gets

  3. My chickens are free range. They roost in pine trees and one holly tree at night. By day they meander about, eating bugs, scratching for worms, and occasionally pooping on my truck or the porch. Last count I had 37, but there are a bunch of chicks that just showed up out of the woods with their moms. I didn't want any chicks this year so the dogs have been greedily eating the eggs with my assistance, but some of the hens took to the bush and now I have chicks again.

    1. Harry,
      My hens would love to be completely free range, but I don't have a dog to keep predators at bay. Your hens have a happy life. Mine usually do, too, when I protect them properly. Th

    2. Harry, I hit publish or something. Thanks for sharing how you raise chickens.

  4. Mighty fine looking chickens, Linda.

    Like any animal, the chickens don't like change. They depend on today looking a good deal like tomorrow, and as I grow, I fear I am the same. LOL

    1. Jane,
      Thanks. I think they are beautiful.

      I do try to keep their lives even for their sake. But, with one wounded and the other new, and me ill, things get wonky. too on things staying the same! Some days it feels like old-lady-hood.

  5. oh Linda - your chickens are gorgeous and i don't know how you do it what with your sinus illness and having to do daily chores and all!!! you must tell me when you will see the doctor - hon - i think you need some serious antibiotics!!! but i am sooo glad that even through all of this sickness that the girls are still lovingly cared for!

    your friend,

    1. kymber,

      Thanks. I think they are fine looking specimens. Until today, the hens were just about the only daily chores that got done. Every dish I had was dirty and stuck on food adorned them all.

      I actually got better, it rained for hours, and I had a relapse. Now, I am better, just now I am dizzy.

      These chickens are testing my But, I love them so have to just stagger out there and do what has to be done.

  6. Awww...they are so sweet! I like that you mentioned a few posts ago that Thelma is the lighter coloured hen. Now I will remember who is who. Are you feeling any better yet?

    1. Suen,
      Thelma is the blonde. She also weighs twice what Patsy Cline weighs! Feeling a bit better, no fever.

  7. Greetings Linda,

    I noted your very thoughtful comment on my site. Thank you for that.

    Now then, what a "fowl" posting. I reckon that a change in schedule would be rather disorienting for the little chickens. I do know that Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar, insists on a daily routine of taking me out for walks at certain times. Otherwise, she becomes somewhat agitated and sticks around the front door until I get the hint.

    A restful day to you.


    1. Gary,
      I am glad you stopped by. I am trying to straighten out their routine. They are clingy lately. So, your dog keeps you on a schedule and makes sure you get proper exercise. Good dog!

  8. The Z-Boys appreciate sticking to a schedule, but they're pretty good about dealing with the occasional necessary change.


    1. Janie,
      I think Thelma is spooked and clingy because of the murder she had to witness and her injury, plus getting Patsy Cline, a new hen. And, I kept her locked up because of the injury. She is just all discombobulated.


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