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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thank You

Thank you, Janet. Until the last few years, I made cakes from scratch. I still do unless I am given a boxed cake mix. Mostly, I give box mixes away to someone who can use them.

Cake Boss is the name of the show I saw, not Cake Doctor.

I will keep you posted on what I make, including the recipe on my blog. Is that legal? She will get the credit.

Right now, a fresh peach sounds just about right.

Your turn
Have you ever made any cake from the recipe book, The Cake Doctor? If so, what was your favorite cake?


  1. I've made a lot of those cakes. My oxymorons (adult children) love snickerdoodle cake for their birthdays. My favorite is darn good chocolate cake. It doesn't having frosting, and it doesn't need any. The cake doctor's cakes are wonderfully moist.


    1. Janie,
      I will check out both those cakes. It gives me somewhere to start. Thanks for the clue.

  2. I have borrowed that book from the library several times. I have memorized the method for doctoring cakes, and now create my own. I still do not think they compare to "scratch " cakes, but when mixes go on sale for 88¢/box, I stock up, then use her ideas to fix a nice treat when I am in a crunch for time.

  3. mnb,
    That is a good skill you have learned/developed. Using cheap cake mixes would be a good way to make these. They all sound so interesting. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Linda my friend.
    You are very welcome. While they are not as good as a scratch cake they are a ton better than a cake made straight from the box. I will look forward to hearing your opinions on the ones you try. Please keep us posted.

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  6. Last time I made a cake was at college. It turned out pretty well really. :D

    1. LL Cool Joe,
      I am smiling because my grandson is going off to college, and I can see him baking his first and only cake.


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