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Monday, July 22, 2013

Finding a New Use

silver ??? necklace stored away
I stored this away about ten years ago and often wondered where in my dresser drawer it was located.  I bought this from my friend who lived in Yemen for several years. I value this. So, I stored it where it would not touch other items.

hard eyeglass case
I think this was mine.
Maybe bought at a yard sale because it is hard.

Now, it all comes back to I used an eyeglass case to protect it. There was a time I got a free case with my glasses and more than one if I asked. Now, not so much.

I may use this case for a first aid kit for my grandson to use in his dorm room at college. Maybe not.

Your turn
Do you have eyeglass cases that are just waiting to be used? Do you ever store things in them rather than discard the eyeglass case?


  1. I buy extra eyeglass cases and use them in my purse for sewing kits, first aide kits, makeup, and any small thing that could get crushed. I get the big ones that will fit lots of stuff.

  2. tana50,
    This is one of the big ones, so with the hard case and strong hinge, I feel secure using it for a first aid kit or sewing kit. Thanks for the comment, letting me know you use these too.

  3. This may be over-sharing, but I keep a few tampons in a hard eyeglass case so that I always have some. That way, they don't get crushed in my purse, and at work I can carry them discreetly to the bathroom without taking my very large work purse along.


    1. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have my few pieces of jewelry stored in the little boxes that staples come in.

      I love those little boxes!

    2. Jess,
      That is a very good idea. I was thinking it was too large for tampons. But, then since I used OBs, I was not taking into account the longer ones. Thanks.

    3. No, they're thin cardboard. I don't think they would hold up for anything that was handled regularly, but they're perfect for my small collection of seldom-worn jewelry. I can stack them neatly in a larger container.

    4. I see. I think I buy staples about every five years since I am not in school or teaching. But, my mind has cleared and I absolutely understand what you are talking about.

  4. I keep my old glasses in the cases. I've needed a pair a few times when my current glasses have needed a repair.


    1. Janie,
      I have more eyeglass cases than I have old eyeglasses, so I had extra cases lying around.

  5. You have given me a good idea. My purse makeup beg is bulky. I glasses case will be so much better!

    I have the boxes that checks come in. They are sturdy and stack so nicely. I use them in both my desks and jewelry drawer.


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