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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tragedy: Lucy Attacked, Killed AND I Fell!

first sign--feathers ripped out

still more in the path and off to the right

on top of the box
this is where they choose to sleep

under the box and near the water and in front of the water

on the wall where the door is located
When I went out to feed them, I discovered all this mayhem. Thelma was sitting in the swing. She hesitated to come. When I called her, I could tell by her actions she was nervous. She did not want to come in the pen for food. Since I was leaving the house, I put her up for the day with food. Poor thing--all alone now--has no friend. She will go out of the yard more, I know, looking for something to be her friend. So, I am on the search for a new hen. One guy checked around and his contact has no young hens or pullets right now.
fingers point down....oweee
After I left and went out and arrived home, I was exhausted. However, I thought I might find Lucy's body. I go down one-half the length of the side of the house and across the back when I go to my hens, the shorter way. Getting out of the car, I decided to go across the front yard, down the other side of the yard and look around.
As I walked in the side yard, my toe caught on wisteria growing along the ground. I fell headlong, spilling my purse. I had a spray bottle of vinegar that accidentally was carried to the car. There were four bags. On bag had a jar of sweet pickle relish that rolled out ahead of me. I hit my head on that! Ouch! So, I am seeing stars and my hand hurts so much while I am lying amidst shopping items and my purse that has spilled!. I looked at my hand, thinking that I would have a stick and dirt in it. Nope. I think the huge cut in my palm with all the skin peeled back is from the handle on the spray bottle. No dirt in the wound was the bright spot in my day!
Plus, I think I can still shimmy! My shoulder blades hurt for some reason, but I am loosening them up with a little shimmying.
Amazingly, I did not hurt either knee. Since I was walking in foot deep pine straw, maybe that is why--cushioning. I leave pine straw for the hens to scratch in to their hearts' content.
Examining my right palm has revealed an inch and a half cut. only the center part of the cut is bleeding and has a nasty skin flap...ugh. I have too much to do to baby this! Right now, I am sitting here with a palm full of Neosporin.
Don't worry! I do not fall from old age. I fall because that is what I do/have done....all my life. Do you fall lots? I am a very graceful dancer and but not surefooted, it seems. Owee, it just hurts more now.   Yard work would eliminate this problem! I have a plan. Watch tomorrow!
My mother died from a fall. I know that is how I will go. I am okay with Mama's falling was from old age. I knew when I was in my twenties how I would go. Mama always just shook her head at my spills.
UPDATE: Thelma refused to go into her pen. She decided that roosting on a bench in the yard was okay. I had to carry her into the pen. She sort of whine the whole way. Once I put her down, she stood very still, refusing to even eat. sigh
Snowbrush, where are you?
Your turn
So, once again I killed a hen! Tell me I am bad. Do you have small and/or spectacular falls?


  1. Oh, Linda, my condolences for your loss of Lucy, and I hope your hand heals quickly. I come from a long line of klutzes, but I generally walk into things instead of actually falling down. I've taken a couple of nasty spills, though, usually from being careless--like the time I ran through the apartment (hardwood floors) in socks.

    I tell everyone that I know how I'm going to leave this world, too--I'm going to get hit by a bus. I have a terrible habit of walking out in front of traffic before remembering to look!

  2. jessnhalinda,
    Thanks, Oh yes, I do run into things. I finally learned why I do some of this--I have astigmatism. Socks on hardwood floors would finish me off!

    Only once and that was during my menopause confusion did I walk in front of something. A friend pulled me back. You know, walking in front of a motorcycle could be fatal, too. Watch out for those, too.

    My daughter, a terrific tap dancer as a child, fell going up stairs in our house. Walking was just beyond her!

    1. I have astigmatism, too, but I never made that connection. My mother also does, and she has always claimed that I get my klutziness from her.

      I'm glad your friend pulled you back! In college, one of my guy friends almost threw me to the ground to keep me from getting hit when I stepped onto the road just inches from a car. That was probably my most narrow miss! I'm not sure how I didn't see that car...

    2. j,
      When my eyes were examined for glasses, I was told I had astigmatism and it could be corrected. It seems that with astigmatism a person has trouble telling where things are in the field of vision. However, that does not have anything to do with not seeing cars. That seems like distraction to me. Be careful.

  3. I saw many such scenes as a boy. One Sunday, my family came home from church to find that our chicken killing dog had broken into the chicken yard again, and killed most of the chickens. My mother urged my father to kill Wolf with my new gun (I was eight and had just gotten a .22/.410), but my father took the dog to his boss's hobby farm, and let the boss think it was one of his own dogs.

  4. Snowbrush,
    That must have been a sad day for your family. It is sad the boss did not even know his own dogs. Good for the dog because he got to live. Thanks for the story.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh Linda! I am so sorry about your hen. You have always been such a good "Chickie Mama" to them. What to you imagine happened to Lucy? Do you think Thelma was hesitant because what ever it was that did the killing could still be hiding in their pen?

    I am with you on the falling. A couple of months back I took a really bad fall. It is a wonder that I didn't kill myself. As we age the results of a fall become more and more serious. I was probably in my 30's before I ever went a month without a skinned knee. I don't always fall but I bruise easily and my skin has become tissue paper thin. It must be hereditary as my Daddy had the same thin skin.

    Just the other day John reminded me to be extra careful since I no longer have health insurance. The lack of health insurance is a huge worry but the price went up again and it became impossible to continue. Truthfully the price became too high several years back but we drew from our reserve each and every month until we just couldn't do it any longer. I have 26 months to go until Medicare. I know we are taking a terrible gamble.

  7. Janet,
    Mu natural response is "raccoon." However, I found no carcass. Maybe one of the cats got brave. I just don't know for sure.

    When I was 35 and divorced the husband, I quit roller skating because I no longer had insurance. For years, I lived in fear of cancer or and injury. Now, I have medicare and Medicaid. If you have an injury or cancer that leaves you only temporarily disabled, you can get a temporary disability status and I think, medicare. Check that out now, not when you might need it.

    My skin was very sturdy when I was young. When I was 21, a doctor commented on my tough skin--tougher than a 90-yr-old man's would be. He was trying to get a needle into My skin was always firm and feminine, just tough. I am going on 67 and my skin has changed very little, skin not fragile as many of my friends. I suppose I got lucky.

    Tonight, the shoulder blades started aching, then my insides and finally my breastbone area. I don't know if I really damaged something or if this is just the after affects like the day after a car wreck--whiplash in the chest I slept awhile and awoke stiff.

  8. Janet,
    I was unsure if the culprit was still there. I think my hens hate to return to where the killing took place. I am pretty sure she knows those are chicken feathers in there. It is a trauma scene for her. She may have been in the pen when it happened. Anytime that a hen is killed or even dies, they are wary and sad. They seem depressed.

  9. Oh, dear! I am so sorry to hear about your trials today. Do I understand that the hens were closed in their pen when Lucy's tragedy happened? You may not be sure what happened while you were gone, but rest assured Thelma saw and she sounds traumatized.

    I hope your hand feels better soon.

    1. Sue,
      I left the pen open the night before. Yes, tonight, Monday, she still won't eat.

      Now, my palm is stiff. It is not bandaged, so I am trying not to get into too much such as getting into dirt or poop.

  10. So sorry about Lucy. I am devastated when something happens to mine. Chicken DO know when something is amiss. Special treats are in order for Thelma. I, too am a klutz. This past February as I was coming back from the coop I slipped in the mud, knocked myself out, tried to get up but was too dizzy and fell again. I crawled back to the house. Trip to the ER - broke three ribs in my back, but no concussion.
    I'm a tough old lady, but that pain was unbelievable!
    Poor Hubby had to take care of the chickens - I couldn't even walk. And it still gives me twinges every once in a while.
    I hope you heal quickly and you can find a playmate for Thelma soon.

    1. Chickenmom,
      I am so distressed since this is the first time I have been left with a lonely chicken.

      You had a really bad fall. You must have been a muddy mess in the ER, not that you would care. I have not broken a bone, just ruined joints that then needed surgery.

      Tomorrow is the day she gets a playmate.

  11. I am so sorry for the loss of Lucy. It always makes me so sad when one of mine pass through violent attack or simply sickness or injury in the course of living good chicken lives. The world is full of predators, most especially for chickens, and lately, for human beings too.

    1. Jane,
      Thelma did live a good chicken life. Tonight, she was in her pen and on top of the box at 7 pm, about an hour early. She still won't eat her favorite things. She will have a companion tomorrow. Yes, the world gets scarier as I get older. And, I love Criminal Minds!

  12. Sorry about Lucy. I had been wondering what had happened. I guess I missed this post awhile back.

    1. Wendy,
      Sometimes, my sidebar blog roll does not update other people's posts.


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