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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Happiness

10 inserts from two papers

I usually buy the Birmingham News for the coupon inserts, paying $2 for one copy. Today, I decided to buy the hometown newspaper for $1.50 to compare the inserts. I was pleasantly surprised to find both newspapers had 5 inserts in each paper.
Now, I have no idea if this happens each week--both having the same number of inserts. If the number of inserts are the same each week, I could just buy the local, cheaper paper. The other odd thing was the Red Plum, for instance, was different in each paper. This will be interesting. When exbf brings me a stack of inserts this week, it should really be a heavy bag of inserts.
There is some coupon clipping in my future. I can see it without a soothsayer.  
Your turn
Do lots of inserts make you happy? 


  1. We also receive two papers. Many of the coupon values are different. Also one of the inserts comes in the Los Angeles paper on Sunday and arrives in Mondays MAIL here in San Diego.

  2. Janet,
    I can imagine different areas of the country receiving different coupons, but not two newspapers in the same general area. Different value? Wow, that could be a pain.

  3. Couponing hasn't really caught on in Canada yet. I've heard of people making some incredible deals down on your side of the line. :-)

    1. It all works out for me. Most shopping trips are between 33% and 50% off the regular price. Of course, I buy mostly what is on sale and has a coupon.

  4. I don't get the newspaper anymore. I find my coupons online or get them in the mail.


    1. Janie,
      Those are good sources, too, except I never get coupons in the mail. My printer has not worked in 18 months, so that is out.


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