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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two-headed Chicken

friends after five days

I checked on them every night for about a week to make sure they were both okay. Thelma was still injured and limping horribly. Patsy Cline is on the front. See the orange band on her leg. It was there when we adopted her.
This was a sweet picture to me. For a moment as I used a very weak flashlight, I could not figure out who was who.
Health update
Today, I called my gastro-enterologist. Well, I saw him once and never called to have the endoscopy and up the behind test done. (Colonoscopy! Thanks Stephy and others.) I cannot think of the name of the test. After talking to the receptionist, I was much more hopeful. 
Yesterday, I mentioned to my urologist that I needed to return for the tests but did not want to kill my liver with the stuff I would have to take, that I only wanted to find out why I keep having trouble swallowing beyond eating too quickly. If I did eat too quickly, I would just stop it.
Yesterday, my urologist became animated and told me the name of the person to go see. As it turns out, that is my doctor!, the gastro guy.  So, next Tuesday, I will talk to him and get the test done as soon as it can be scheduled. I am really excited even though I did not sleep enough last night and did too much today.
This is a garbled post, not in order. But, it is 6:30 pm, my bedtime tonight.
Plus, I had three fast food mystery shops to perform. Exbf was here to help me, so we went and he ate first lunch and I ate the second. The third is in the refrigerator. My meal made me queasy. The hens may get the third meal for breakfast.  So, I made a bit of money today and had lunch.  Thankfully, I don't do these but every three months.
Just talk to me, please.



  1. Ok the other test is a colonoscopy. The Endoscopy goes in your mouth and down to your stomach and the beginning part of the small intestine. You are sedated for this exam, and most drs spray your throat with a numbing medicine. The whole test takes about 10-15 minutes. The colonoscopy takes a little longer-- it goes up your rectum through the entire colon (large bowel) and often a short way into your small intestine. You are sedated for this test too. If you're lucky, your insurance may pay for both tests at the same time. My insurance does not. ( Medicare and aarp) neither test will look at the gall bladder, but since you seem to have trouble swallowing, they will look at your esophagus(food tube). Your problem may be as simple as an ulcer or irritation of the esophagus. Both are treated with oral medication. Anyway, good luck with the Dr appt.

    1. Kristine,
      Thanks for the word. I was just too exhausted to think or even try to search my brain for the word. I know there is a problem with esophagus, so I have been remiss with this test.

      Everybody I know has had both these tests. My turn has come.

      Sedation will be my best friend. I do not want to know when anything goes down my throat! I predict I will have Barrett's esophagus. At least I will be going to the right physician this time. The "family doctor" would not suggest who to see. He turned his back and left, telling me I had to lose weight before coming back. He was an a$$hole.

      Thanks! On Tuesday I will at least have an appt for endoscopy.

      I have Medicaid.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Oh my gosh! I was just thinking. Did they check your appendix? If you still have one. Lots of bad things can happen to your appendix that have nothing to do with bursting. I don't want to scare you, but Audrey Hepburn died of cancer which started in her appendix. Don't let them brush you off. It sounds like something is definitely going on somewhere.

    1. tana50,
      No, no one has tested my appendix! That is interesting about Hepburn. If I ever heard that, I forgot. I keep telling doctors there is something wrong. I need an internet doctor/friend, I suppose. One real life friend accused me of being a hypochondriac.

      Thanks for the information.

    2. I thought 'maybe appendix' yesterday when I read your post, but didn't say anything ecause I really don't know.

      I don't know why the doctor would call you a hypochondriac when all you are doing is trying to listen to your body which is telling you very clearly that something is wrong. Unless, maybe that is what some doctors say when they don't know the answer.

      Have you considered a functional medicine doctor? It is a regular doctor who has taken further study in functional medicine. Here's a blurb from a functional medicine website...

      "Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership."

      If the tests you are going for aren't helpful maybe you can consider seeing a one of these.

  3. I have had both tests (once on the same day) ... Neither of them are a big deal. Honestly everyone will agree that the preparation for the testing is the worst part and that is the truth!. But just think of it.... we live in an age of miracles. They are able to take a look INSIDE of you and possibly save your life ( I am not speaking about your case but about the colon/polyp aspect) without making an incision! It is a miracle If you have insurance that will allow the tests by all means DO IT! About the down the throat aspect... The nurse advised me to just breathe through my nose. It was just fine!

    A few years ago my sister had that test where she actually SWALLOWED A CAMERA! It was the size of a LARGE vitamin. She wore a device around her waist that recorded the results for download at the dr's office. I tell you.... we live in an age of miracles. Take advantage of technology!

  4. Janet,
    I don't want to do the cleanse until I figure out what is wrong in the liver, pancreas, gall bladder department. I don't need a medical emergency while preparing or while the procedure is being done. However, I do really want the endoscopy right now.

    I am amazed every day at what is possible medically. Thanks for caring.

    I want to swallow the camera! I saw a special on that.

    I do not want to breathe through my nose. I want to be

  5. Hmmm. Appendix is an interesting idea. When I was quite young, I was sick and in pain on and off for quite a few months. Finally I was in enough pain that I had exploratory surgery. It was my appendix! Had it removed and I was fine for quite a long time.


  6. Janie,
    I had a friend with twins who was in pain for awhile, too. They did the same thing and found an inflamed appendix. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

    1. One of the twins had the appendix problem. That was a bad sentence.


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