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Sunday, July 28, 2013

So Cheap!

I had coupons for Ball Fruit Pectin. I got this almost free. I originally had 12 coupons for Ball lids and another 12 coupons for pectin. Let's just talk pectin for now.

Walmart had this little jar for $4.99. My grocery store had it for $4.39. Kmart had it on sale for $3.99. I used two coupons for $1 off on two jars of Ball pectin. Then, I had a store credit where I returned something to Kmart. My total for $10 worth of pectin was $1.47. That is for two jars, making one jar $0.74. Good deal?

From their website:
Ball's classic pectin has been reformulated for improved flavor and performance. This larger flex batch container (4.7 oz.) is equivalent to 3-4 boxes of pectin. Use only the amount needed with scalable recipe converter to make from 1 to 10 jars of jam per batch.

Has anyone used this new formula?

This made my

Your turn
Did you use the coupons for Ball pectin or fruit fresh? Have you used this brand pectin or the new formula?


  1. I don't use pectin, but I'll ask The Hurricane about it. She makes wonderful jam.


  2. Janie,
    I never used pectin until I made pepper jelly. Now, I cannot stand long enough to stir and test and keep jelly or jam from boiling over or scorching.


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