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Monday, July 8, 2013

How Soggy Is It?

It is so soggy that these crepe myrtle branches were bent down in my face instead of  being six feet over my head as usual. At this point we have had rain for a week. It is beyond humid--just soggy to the bone. In this picture you can see another crepe myrtle in the background.

The same crepe myrtle flowers are six feet higher since there was no rain last night.
However, there is a mist falling right now and predicted rain....sigh.

Update on Thelma
She is in shock and seems to have injured her left foot. She won't eat, neither last night nor this morning. She stands on one foot.

Your turn
How wet is it your neck of the woods? (Channeling Willard Scott, Today Show weatherman.)


  1. Your best bet would be to get another chicken to keep her company. After our chick massacre this spring, the remaining chick looked like it wasn't going to make it through the night, it seemed to be in shock and very scared. (I would be also if a weasel had gotten into my box and killed all the rest of my friends.) Getting more chicks the next day seemed to be exactly what it needed. You would never know now how tramatized it was. Chickens are flock beings and don't do well alone.

    1. Jane,
      I wrote that post this morning. Now, later in the afternoon, I let her out. She did not eat green beans, chopped carrot, or the oats I gave her this morning. She rushed out, looked around and ran with a pretty bad limp off into the yard.

      Tomorrow, I will get her a companion. Today was just not a good day for that. Companions should cheer her right up.

  2. Replies
    1. I think her leg is worse. Thanks, Sue.

  3. Replies
    1. Quiet, still not walking well, not eating. Thanks for asking.


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